How long does it take to complete broadcasting to 100k list?

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How long does it to complete broadcasting to a 100k list?

Does anyone have a huge list or know of how long it take to mailing out to a huge list?

It seems to take between 5 to 6 hours to finish broadcasting to a list of 40000 subscribers on a dedicated server.

I wonder how does anyone mail out to a list of 1 million in a day.

How does big list like Self Growth do it?

Is there any software to split mail sending between multiple servers?
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    Yes it will definitely be split between servers. Software used? No clue.
    Maybe you should contact a few autoresponse companies' tech departments and they might give you some information.
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    Are you sending this on your own server? If so you could have been Blocked

    Mike Hill
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    If you REALLY want to send from your own server, then you will need proper List management software AND a commercial sending engine in the backend.

    Dedicated Linux servers will come with either Exim or PostFix as it's sending engine. PostFix is the better one of the 2, but, is not default. If you're using cPanel and WHM, you can't use PostFix, and HAVE to use Exim.

    If you're at the level that you need better and faster sending, then you have only 1 choice: Port25: Intelligent E-mail Gateway: PowerMTA: Authentication, Accreditation, Reputation

    It's EXPENSIVE! You've been warned!

    I am not affiliated with them in any way. Just a happy customer. That is a direct link.

    Kind Regards
    Richelo Killian
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    Large lists are usually sent from server farms - several systems working their way through the list. The software is either customed developed or off the shelf like Lyris, Kania or others. And as Richelo said - the software can start in the $100K range.

    The big outsource companies (think aWeber and iContact) use server farms as well - usually spread across the world - to help with load balancing and deliver ability.

    Sorry but the best answer to your question is "It Depends" on what software, server, or service you're using.

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