outsourcing youtube videos for promoting affiliate offers?

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does anybody know of a service, or a particular person that will create review videos for a descent price? I am camera shy.. and everytime I try to do a review I sound stupid and I become lost for words. So I figured I should try to find someone who is pretty good at doing product review videos. I am trying to use the youtube model for my affiliate marketing. if anybody has any tips or knows of a good service or someone that I could hire for a good price that would great!
thank you
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    You could try fiverr. Or purchase a video creation software (and have a bot do the audio). You could create a whiteboard video. There is someone in classifieds section giving away easysketch pro for free, last time I checked.
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      I like this idea as well. Thanks.
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    If you want to show a real person in your review video, but you can't afford to pay the expensive presenter... actually there is a way to do it cheaper!
    You can even put yourself in the video without your shy or blocked problem.
    You just need to learn video editing a little bit... and then you can do it again and again.

    I know how this works, but people may not want to waste their time with the basic things.
    That's too bad, if knowing how this video editing skill is going to save you a lot of money.

    But if your main focus is to get the video done quick and make money fast... then yes, you can outsource it for a little share of your profit.

    I'm selling on fiverr... and I know that you will need at least $5 for video script, $5 for life explainer video, and probably $5 again to edit the whole video. So the minimum cost would be at least $15 for a 30 seconds video or $30 for a minute video.

    The only way you can get a lower cost is to hire an assistant with monthly fee.
    You can go this route if you plan to create more than 15 videos every month.

    Hope this helps.


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    You have other video options as well to promote your services without having to face the camera.

    Source: Pixabay.com

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is priceless. Video is now an important business tool to inform, promote and engage. Video allows a business to create a unique message that reaches and engages more customers. You can look no further than the marketing statistics -- audiences love watching videos.

    YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users.
    Source: WordStream.com

    YouTube, like other social media platforms, gives normal people (read: not celebrities) the opportunity to launch successful businesses or brands by creating dynamic and entertaining video content. Creativity, ingenuity and a likable presence on social media can boost a business from fledgling start up to household name.

    More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day .
    Source: Buffer.com

    But what if going on camera is not something you are willing to do? What if your business relies on a slogan or graphics to define the brand? There's a risk that hiring a brand ambassador as a video host may not appeal to consumers.

    Fortunately, there are other ways to create fun, informative videos without the use of a host or brand ambassador. Online audiences choose video over other mediums, so it's an engaging tool already. The key is to create videos that hold the attention of the audience with interesting story telling and eye catching visuals.

    Here are some tips on how to make share worthy video content and stay behind the camera:

    Write A Good Script

    If you are choosing to go incognito for your videos, make sure you have a good story to tell. Think of your video as a short story and create a narrative. This way your dialog will make sense and engage the viewer. If you are using a speech from an event, make sure it's not too long and the audio is clear.

    Get A Narrator

    There are plenty of voice actors out there that will gladly record your dialog for a video. These are trained professionals who use their voice for their paycheck. Annoying or difficult to understand voice overs are one of the main reasons an audience will click out of your video. You want to get ahead of the competition by having narration that is not only great content, but sounds good, too.


    PowerPoint remains an excellent tool for presenting information in a slideshow. Not only can you save presentations, trainings, webinars and convert them to video, you can also take a basic slideshow, add video and animation, and format that as well into an MP4. This is a simple and effective way to create clear and concise videos for your audience.


    If you're an artist, web designer or of course, photographer -- use your images! You can take a few of your best images and talk about how they were created. Tell a story about the image and add another track of music. This way you are both informing the viewer while offering them a chance to see your services.


    If you don't want to star in your video, you can always create an animated version of yourself! Animation software can be used to create a talking head that will be the face of your narrator. It's time intensive to make animated videos but the software already includes talking heads and plenty of design templates. Animation is a useful tool for a standard business that doesn't necessarily offer a visual product, (accounting or insurance, for example). This format offers plenty of options and allows creativity above a standard presentation.

    64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
    Source: Forbes


    You may be tempted to use screen sharing as an option. Before you do this, remember how many boring, indecipherable videos are clogging YouTube right now. Not only are these exhausting to watch, they require zero effort to create and they look like it, too.

    Screen shares are great tools for swapping information between teams in the office. Uploading screen shares as a promotional tool says to your audience, "I don't care".

    Source: Entrepreneur Network partner Michelle Held


    There's plenty of options to remain off camera and make great video content for your business. The key is to tell a good story, use clear audio and choose graphics or animation that will make your video pop!
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    if you very cheap videos made. I went a step further and i placed an ad in the phillipines craigs list. i got alot of good workers for creating videos,etc....alot cheaper than fiverr...
    good luck
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    PM u Thanks
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    I came across tube millionaire..it has good ratings. It's a step by step training course by Michael Kepler. Has anyone ever tried it? Is it good
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    Originally Posted by darreniscool View Post

    I came across tube millionaire..it has good ratings. It's a step by step training course by Michael Kepler. Has anyone ever tried it? Is it good
    All of those YT courses are basically the same. Telling you how to choose the offer and where. Then teach you how to create simple videos for free (but burn your time) or almost free. Telling you how to rank your videos and channel. And practically selling you all supportive offers to do your YT business, which most of them are affiliate link, or finally you will end up in their private coaching program. The truth is... YT will take your time and effort, no matter what!

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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