What is the easiest type of writing work to earn money with online?

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I'd like to earn money online and wonder if it's easier to earn money writing on my own blog than writing for other people? How long should it take to research and write articles?
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    a lot of people have written articles using Fiverr.com and it is still possible to make good money from this although it is hard work.

    You are only paid $5 per gig and it could take you an hour or more to write an article.
    The strategy that has proven successful because of the competition is to offer more words than other people are offering.

    If a competitor is offering 500 words for $5 you would need to offer maybe 600 words for $5.

    Once you have a gig, make sure you deliver it on time or before and always provide an article with at least the number of words you have promised - and here is where you will succeed write a longer article than promised.

    If you do this you will get great feedback - and that's what you want on Fiverr.com

    Once you have great feedback your rating goes up and you become a level 2 seller.

    This means you can offer gigs at more than $5.

    I have just looked at the current adverts for writers on Fiverr and there is a level 2 seller offering resumes from £48 to £104.

    Not bad!

    So there you have it.

    Not everyone will end up as successful as this but it can be done.

    You can offer to write for a specific niche such as the very popular dieting and fitness niche or something that no one else is doing.

    I am sure that with effort and persistence you will make a success of it!

    Making money from your own blog will probably take time because if it is a new blog you will need to get established but a lot of bloggers have made a good living from this.

    Whichever course you take I wish you a successful 2018!

    Best Regards
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    Freelance writing isn't easier, but it's more of a guarantee. (Please note that I said "more of" a guarantee, and not "guarantee", lol).

    Blogging, email marketing, product creation, and self-publishing are definitely more scalable and independent, however, much more strategy is involved.

    My own personal philosophy, is to start writing for others, so that you may finance and support your own endeavors.

    That way you'll be under less stress, less pressure, and you'll be in more of a position to let your creativity run wild.

    These days there are so many awesome marketplaces where you can promote your writing services.

    And who knows? Having the security of clients who like your style is never a bad habit.

    This is just my own humble two cents.

    However, I do wish you the absolute best.

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    Sarevok has made some good points.

    You could offer gigs on Fiverr, but also register as a writer with iwriter and other companies that pay you.

    Best Regards
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    Write some general info articles about a niche you like and put them in your blog for free access, and write the solid solution for that niche as an ebook and sell it in your blog.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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      What types of niches should they be about? Are there any unusual topics that would be any point writing about?
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      • It's hard to answer your question. You should investigate.
        You have to write SEO articles to get users from the search engines. Use Google Keyword Tool to find the best keywords in the niche you like.

        Or you can order custom unique content.
        If you have any questions just ask.

        Best Regards
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    It really depends on your long term goals and your current situation, there are a lot of variables.

    Writing for yourself is a great long term strategy but you will need to put the time and effort in as you will be building an asset that could become quite valuable if successful.

    There is every chance that the blog will not be successful and you wont see any financial return for your effort after months of work which is why, as above, the correct strategy and possibly guidance is required.

    If you write freelance initially you will gain valuable experience and maybe an insight into how all the nuts and bolts are working as well as getting immediate financial return.

    I hope that helps.
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      How do I start in gaining any freelance work and how regular is the work? Am I able to get work whenever I need it? I need to earn around £100 per week to start
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        Work could be very regular but often times freelancers hit a dry spell where no one is wanting work done. It is sort of a gamble in itself.
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    As mentioned, it will depend...

    Anyhow, you could start earning fairly easy and soon doing transcription work on places like workmarket.

    You won't get rich but it will get you going. One type of gig they offer is transcription work.

    Of course, I do believe that creating a blog will eventually make you more money in the end.

    Becoming a copywriter could also prove very profitable.

    Or you could do both

    Anyhow returning to the lower end writing type of micro jobs I mentioned above, here's a video explaining how it works:

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    You could also you join Freelancer.

    The gigs on there can earn you substantial amounts of money, but as with all of the other sites you need to get established first, so it could take a few months of hard work before you are on high earnings.

    Hope this helps.
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    Actually, Fiverr has changed. You can charge hundreds of dollars if you want.

    I tried, somewhat successfully, somewhat not, to get a writing business off the ground. I'd suggest Upwork, HireWriters.com, Fiverr, forum sigs, forum services sections, and social media. The pay, especially in the beginning for almost everyone, is very low. I was writing for someone and getting paid $7.50 per 500+ word article, and that was considered to be good pay.

    It's a tough business.
    Domains for sale - see seopositions.net
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    There is no easy way. Writing as with any content creation will take time to start building an audience. You may want to try guest blogging to help generate traffic to your own blog.'


    Subscribe to our Free Home Business Tips Newsletter and get insider tips on how to create wealth in an online business.

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      Do you think that it is better idea to have my own blog and possibly do guest blogging to get traffic to my own blog?
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    I think you should write for your own blog and write for others.


    Use your blog to promote your writing business.
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    It's best if you write for your own self. If you write for others......

    1) How many revisions will you accept?
    2) How much of a learning curve about their industry will you have to undertake?
    3) How much are they willing to pay you for your work?
    4) What if you don't get paid?
    5) What if your client isn't happy with the *tone* of voice or "grammar" of your language?

    Lots to consider. But when writing for yourself.... you get more control, and you get paid more.
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    You should create profiles on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer and offer your services. All it takes is one serious client for you to make a solid income
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    You can write your content in that niece, where you are expert. After writing content, you can do Affiliate or, even you can do Adsense. just write the Original & valuable content only. Never do the Plagiarism. Thanks for your advance.


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    Fiverr no longer requires that your gig start at only $5. It is a good way, but you must be willing to work hard and promote your gig.

    You could start at $5, and $5 per 500 words isn't a bad way to start making money.
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    You can try microworkers for writing Amazon reviews.
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    Uncia - that's a good point. People are always looking for reviews for their Amazon affiliate sites and it takes a lot of time to write articles yourself.

    There is also TextBroker who pay from $3 - $8 per article.

    Best Regards
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    I can recommend Fiverr as well, it's great because you can start right away without any costs other than your time and without any fuss, you don´t even have to use your real name if you don´t want to.

    They are tightening up in quite a few ways recently though, the level system for instance changed, they do a phone verification etc., so perhaps better get in and running before it may become even less easy soon.

    If you have an actual skill you can sell that is in demand, that is, and writing is one. Competition is high though, but if you're okay with working for less than you´re comfortable with for the first weeks to get some good reviews, it might work out very well.

    I registered with a "probably won´t work but won´t hurt to try" attitude and am still there, after over a year. I´m not in danger of becoming a millionaire yet but I´m earning quite nicely.
    You´ll have to constantly work to earn, though, of course, or you can save up and invest, either way, it´s a good starting point and far better than doing and earning nothing.
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    I can recommend Fiverr as it can lead to a good income if you work hard enough. Start charging low then when you have enough good reviews, push up the price.

    FREE EBOOK: 3 Proven Action Points to build significant profits from E-Mail Marketing:

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    Originally Posted by writetoearn View Post

    I'd like to earn money online and wonder if it's easier to earn money writing on my own blog than writing for other people? How long should it take to research and write articles?
    Imo it's probably easier to write content for others. With that being said it will likely be more difficult but also much more profitable to write and use your own content on your own sites.
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    Originally Posted by writetoearn View Post

    I'd like to earn money online and wonder if it's easier to earn money writing on my own blog than writing for other people? How long should it take to research and write articles?
    It takes some time but if you are willing to put in 3 to 4 months of solid blogging and interacting with other members ( without much money being made) then Steemit could be for you. Long term, the benefits can be amazing from what I have seen !
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    How long should it take to research and write articles?
    37 Minutes 13 seconds...exactly!

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    If you can wait (financially), it is better to learn to blog and write for yourself.

    However, if you need immediate income, you can start writing for others. But you will find it frustrating!

    Originally Posted by writetoearn View Post

    How long should it take to research and write articles?

    This thread can help you answer this question:

    Good luck!
    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
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    You can try to use gig sites, but the competition is stiff. It would be better for you to find different ways to package your content and put it on as many online mediums as possible. Promote a website/blog and build a list so that you can ultimately monetize it. Conventional article marketing might not work as well anymore, bu this doesn't mean you still can't drive traffic by means of using third party websites.
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    Try to work as ghost writer.
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