What claims can be made?

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Hi warriors,

What claims can a marketer make without getting into trouble. Suppose you sell products, to help businesses grow their business. What kinds of claims can be made and what kind of claims cannot be made. I am not into hype and lies, just want to be honest with the customers and at the same time abide by the regulations.

Thanks in advance!
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    If you can prove your claims, make it.
    If you can't prove your claims, don't make it.
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    just want to be honest with the customers
    There's your answer.

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    Honesty Is The Best Policy
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    Hi TBI,

    For me, helping people generously for free has removed the need for me to make claims. The proof is in my freemium content, then they buy the premium content. Simple, and quite easy, when you are authentic.

    I live a neat life without ever having made an income claim to build my brand. Service is the best conversion agent I know of.

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