Does my site has the Feedburner?

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I am learning/following SEO stuff and I was instructed to turn off the Feedburner.

But,I don't know how and I don't even know if I have one.

I use WordPress.

I really would appriciate any advice.


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    Its a way of tracking, distributing and managing your rss feeds. So people subscribe to your feedburner feed, rather than the rss directly.

    If you didn't set up an account, you don't have one.
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      It may sound dumb question...

      What is Feedburner look like?

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    Go to Feedburner is just another way to handle RSS subscriptions, it shows you how many subscribers you have, which stories they are reading, and how where they are coming from. It's basically Google Analytics for your RSS subscriptions. If you are doing SEO, you'll want to keep track of them. If your bosses told you to turn off the feedburner account, just tell them that you don't have the power to turn off whoever handled it before. It is a free service. Best of luck with the situation.
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    That would probably be the WP feedburner plugin that you'd need to deactivate.

    Project HERE.

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