Is this a good idea to implement in terms of SEO as well Brand?

by messy
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Hi friends,
Nowadays people are doing a nice thing to appear in multiple search results.
they purchase the new domain and make a single product site.
for an example if my site is in e-commerce and multi-category products. I purchase a domain for one product only like

Even my keyword is on 1st rank with the same keyword but I need to visible in the 2nd place of Google too.

Is this fine in terms of business?

if its fine then people can buy multiple domains with the same product and get multiple search results,

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    I don't understand it if you are an eCommerce site owner than why will you buy a separate site for a single product?
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    suppose I have an agency of Insurance and my mostly keywords are on first page like auto insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance.

    Now what I want is to create another website for health insurance only so that I could take 2nd place of the search engine. It means now I will be having two results on the first page because I can not create the same page in the same website.

    I think, now you can understand...
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    Me too.

    Your post makes no sense.

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  • Messy,

    I think you shouldn't do that, that is a lot of work and who knows are you going to get to that second place. There are 2 different ways of doing that. 1) easier but more expensive and short-term, paying to Google Adwords and placing your site with a targeted page to first place (and you already have your page ranking 1st position), like big companies that are working, when they rank 1st for some good keyword they put Google Adwords campaign and set one more page to the first place, so that way more than 80% of search queries are going to them.
    2) harder but less expensive and long-term, you can create a new page or new sector on the website and transfer internal authority to your page, it's done by linking your page from your best pages to your desired (target) page. The other name for that is internal linking.

    Hope this helps
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      PPC is also being taken care
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      • You should go wider in that case. Promote it on YouTube, Social Media, maybe you should monetize your blog. Don't know in which position are you and what are you doing except insurance.
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    I say go for it!

    But consider that there are more than one search term to be visible for, so you might want to expand the first site also. I did with this site, and though early on - we are seeing an increase in overall traffic

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