Advise about copyright contents for channel on YouTube

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Hi warried

Creating a YouTube channel to publish variety of topics,
My contents:
some videos will be deducted from long lectures [short clips],
some videos from news reports, documentaries etc,
As I know there is a copy right in most of published contents on YouTube, but some contents are free copyrights (as I heard), means these contents can be edited and re-published,
I need these contents such as music etc, to use it to create my videos,

But, before I start posting any edited video contents, I would like to know how can I check any copyright content, or how to ask for permission of the needed contents,

Please help about how to check the copyrights regulation and how can I check it?
certainly to avoid any copyright violence, and how can find some contents with free copyright such as music etc, so I can use and edit it as needed,
Thank you in advanve.
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