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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to the world of internet marketing. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out how to apply it to my music, so that I can sell my music online. I've tried a few courses and the results were... abysmal.

So I've sat down, had a think, and came up with the following:
1. Via affiliates - have people promote my music to their lists
2. Start a blog to generate traffic from Google, have my music available in the sidebar. As people become more familiar with the blog, they check out the music from curiosity, like it, and buy it
3. Have YouTube content creators use my music in their videos, with a link to buy in the description. This is a bit of a variation on the affiliates idea, but it is a bit more subtle, and the user only sees the option to buy after they have listened (and fingers crossed, enjoyed it). I could do a similar promotion through student radio stations, rock radio stations etc.

What do you guys think? Any ideas? How would you do it?
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    Everything begins with your audience. Define them. Put boundaries around them so you understand who you are going to serve. Don't try to be all-inclusive. Gather an audience of like-minded people who would want to buy your music.

    Go online and do some simple research so you know where your audience can be reached. Begin building an email list of people in your audience and give them "tastes" of what you have to offer. Serve your audience and they will respond to you when you present them with paid offers.

    Lots of new marketers get this wrong. They randomly throw out product offers to people that aren't interested. Focus on gathering your audience first and learning what they are hungry for . . . then give it to them in your paid solutions.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Hey Steve - thanks for responding!

      Yes defining my audience is a key step, that is something I have done. I have lists of the groups, radio stations, websites etc that they visit. So I have a pretty comprehensive overview of where they are online.

      In terms of market demand, that is hard to say with music without having 50,000 people listen to it and see what happens. But... the music is good, there is demand for similar bands, and the reviews I'm getting are pretty good (so far!)
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        You can have less then 50,000 people who are listen to your music and still have a good profit. Unlike the other areas music can be sold on many different way including the author rights. You should first protect your art and then move forward with the other things.
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    Check out Soundcloud:

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      Hey Brent - thanks for pitching in!

      I don't like soundcloud. It gives my music away for free, encourages people to go elsewhere, has no monetisation options, makes it super hard to get people a list or get into their pocket.

      It's cool for sharing music, but not for being a professional musician.
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    I currently target music professionals too. So far I have over 2k followers on Facebook and 6200 on Instagram. All are music artists, producers, music managers and some singers. Super targeted. I also have and email list of 150 subscribers just from including a link to my website, not even promoting the list since it is a coming soon page. So it was very passive growth.

    My advice to you is to focus on social. It is the fastest way to grow and you can get super targeted. There are several groups that have artist in there. You can use a FB email scraper, then send emails through Gmail suite for $5 a month up to 500 emails a day. Don't spam them but send a message that starts a conversation like "We are both in XYZ music group on FB and you were just wondering if they are currently working on a project right now?" When the respond back ask them if they would be open to check out a few of your tracks. If yes, send them a link to your music and let them know since you are both in the group, you can give them a discount of X off.

    I would also use Facebook ads to promote a video that is on your Facebook page and select video views as your goal. Have a link in the details to your order page with links to the tracks. Also contest run well on social, use a platform that allows them to get multiple entries by sharing and target your audience since musicians know each other. Since your prize will be use of your music worth X amount of dollars, the ones who register for the contest will only be interested in that prize. Make sure the confirmation page includes a coupon for % off a purchase on your site. You can also do a collab with other artist that have offers and do a bigger giveaway with things that artist would want to win. Again offer a coupon on the registration page. Make sure that you have an email list component on the backend so you can send reminders about your coupon and sharing the contest. Also, after your contest you can have their contact information to keep them informed about new music. If your list is big enough, you can also get other music product providers to pay to send to your list. Using mobile SMS also is ideal since everyone will see your message and open is almost immediate in comparison to email with only up 25% open rates.

    There you go. You'll be approaching this better then 95% of your competition in the music business since most just post and hope and they will be wondering how you do it!
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      Hey Oida, that's an interesting idea with the scraper. What steps do you take to prevent yourself from being banned by Facebook for breach of ToS?

      Also, I'm not looking for artists to collaborate with (well, not artists I would contact through facebook anyway), so I'm not sure this would work? I would be wanting to approach fans who enjoy buying music.

      Email and coupons, discounts, email sequences from my squeeze page etc I've got running at the moment, but it hasn't created any results for me (yet). It could either be a problem of:
      1. Wrong audience going in
      2. Ineffective emails
      3. Not enough people going in

      Using FB ads to generate videos views is a good idea, I need a good video first! I'll be putting together some lyric videos this week (my current video is a still image which is kinda boring to watch)
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    You can use a FB email scraper, then send emails through Gmail suite for $5 a month up to 500 emails a day. Don't spam them
    That's just good humor.

    You understand that email scrapers = spam, right?

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      Really? So all the scraper sellers who sell Google maps scrapers that mine data like website info, ppc info, Groupon advertising oh and contact information are selling spamming software? ExactData and InfoUSA too? Its called data mining. Data Miners make good money selling lists in the world.

      Feel free to do it manually if you like

      By the way, this is the definition of SPAM complements of the Dictionary:

      1. irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
      2. trademark
      a canned meat product made mainly from ham. (gotta love the canned meat)
      1. send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.

      He will be sending a relevant message in the form of a question to engage the person in dialogue, just like every exceptional sales person in the world does to corporate associates at every enterprise level corporation.

      He can always use the slow drip method by just passively posting on Sound Cloud like you suggest and HOPE someone contacts him. He will be a fish in global sea of millions of fish.
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    Have your read the Facebook Terms of Service lately?

    Here they are: FB Terms

    Pay attention to the section under the heading "Saftey."

    "#2. You will not collect users' content or information, or otherwise access Facebook, using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers) without our prior permission."

    Regardless of how you justify scraping as data collection, you're suggesting something that Facebook doesn't allow. Period.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      The keyword is "permission".
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    You never want to resort to tactics that might ruin your entire business model. Alot of bad things can happen if you do email scraping. This is actually an idea that shouldn't be allowed on Warrior Forum. There are alot of ways to promote your music. For starters, you can promote it on Amazon EXACTLY the way you want it to look and sound, through Createspace or Lulu. Don't forget about CDBaby too.
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    So you have asked Facebook if you can have their permission to scrape email addresses from their site?

    And they have given you special permission to break their terms of service . . . OK

    You're advising a newbie to do something no one should be doing.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      No, the developer of the tool I used has license. Also, enterprise level product rec's CRM's scrape their data to get their purchasing, interest data that goes back as far as a year on FB and all social sites, as well as collect other information including additional contact info and their friends to recommend products. Amazon does it too. Facebook buys scraped data from ExactData and others and as well as allow you use their API. When you are scraping large data, they charge you a licensing fee. What do you think API's are used for, just for game app development? It's called licensing.

      When you think scraper, your thinking of the cheesy $20 ones on Warrior that don't work a year from now and don't license the use of an API. I'm talking about data mining which is what enterprise level businesses do. The only reason I used the term scraper is because of the audience here on Warrior. If I was in the Data Mining group on LinkedIn, I would use data mining. Step off of Warrior for a while and get to know the world around you. Everyone isn't selling old rehashed Ebooks and posting thousands of comments on Warrior.

      If you don't know, you shouldn't give advice based on something you read somewhere on a blog. You should do extensive research. Stop trying to exalt yourself by posting comments trying to police everyone. Your the newbie.
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        Originally Posted by oida View Post

        If you don't know, you shouldn't give advice based on something you read somewhere on a blog. You should do extensive research. Stop trying to exalt yourself by posting comments trying to police everyone. Your the newbie.


        I'm sorry that you've turned your posts into name calling and personal criticism for no reason. No one has attacked you personally. No one has questioned your motives.

        For me, my posts in this thread have all been about one very specific thing: breaking Facebooks terms of service. I said don't do it. That's it. Nothing else. Go back and read through this thread and you'll see that. I still hold to that advice.

        You have told us how experienced you are, how much you know about marketing music, how good your plan is . . . has anyone questioned that or said anything about any of that? No.

        This forum is about giving personal opinions on marketing topics. No one has stopped you from giving yours. No one is "exalting" themselves or "policing" anything (as you stated ).

        I am sorry that you feel so hurt, but honestly, there is no reason for it at all.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    It is up to him. He can listen to folks here who know nothing about music marketing or he can really get out there and reach his audience. I gave him a solid plan and only a small portion was about emailing. That is just to reach other artist for collabo's and if he sell's production. I know what I am talking about. I been helping artist, manged an artist and worked in the business for years. I do this.

    The main advice was to use video marketing using Facebook ads and offer an incentive to join his list and to share his content, ideally mobile SMS combined with email. So his fans can keep up with him. The reach on social is only 5-10% for a regular post. I have another page with 20k followers that post highly engaging content that is liked shared and commented on and my reach is not 20k, not even close. You have to pay to play and incentivize especially to get an opt in. To get the ball rolling you have to do some ads to start it. He's an unknown and not on TV, fans are funny these days since they have a short attention span. Out of site out of mind.

    If you guys don't do music marketing, you really shouldn't be giving any advice. It's a different ball game. He came here for help and was looking for solid advice. Your vague advice doesn't help him.

    Amazon, CDBaby, Tunecore, hope marketing and not long term if no one knows him. He needs to build a base first. He's probably already on at least one of them, especially TuneCore. The same applies to Sound Cloud, ReverbNation, etc

    Also, I forgot to add, if you want to sell to businesses to use your music in their training videos, commercials, etc, then post on Upwork & Freelancer. Collaborations would be great since they may be looking for singers and other genre's of music. he could totally help other artist make money and make a nice percentage for himself. But I would use a pen name if you are just doing that for cash to support your goal to be an artist and that is not your main goal. You will get way more for it there then on YouTube. Some pay thousands to license original music.
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      I completely agree with what you say about "hope marketing". That is what 99% of musicians are doing. It's almost sickening how entitled they are.

      That is a really interesting idea about licensing for corporate videos and commercials. Love it!

      I wouldn't expect to see them on Upwork though - but then again, I have no idea how that part of the industry works. Do you have any evidence of making money from that??
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    Thanks, oida!

    This is exactly what I want to know about email collecting without landing page. Everything is changing so fast in the internet marketing world. I'm just learning the surface to do it with video marketing. I'll search more for any related stuff with data mining. I thought it will be difficult. And reading your replies here just give me an enlightenment.
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  • Profile picture of the author Anthony J Namata
    Music marketing, and especially selling recorded music, isn't that simple; and making money from it is even more complicated. If I were you, I wouldn't even THINK of selling anything. I would focus on branding myself, first. I have a music-related blog myself (under my stage name). I am a tutor, and so on my blog I offer helpful content on what I teach. I am also a singer-songwriter (a member of ASCAP) and author of a book on what I teach. My 'very niche' blog gets over 3,000 hits a month. Organic traffic. I sell my music, my new book and lessons off of the same platform. And now I'm pitching record label A&R in Hollywood for placement AND, I have a music publisher in the US.

    The point in all of this: if you're not a major artist (Ed Sheeran/Rihanna/Beyonce/Bruno Mars/Adele), getting your music out there is painstaking. It takes planning, strategy, a lot of networking, and perseverance. That being said, what works for me won't necessarily work for you. It is SO incredible how almost every successful artist out there has come up a different path. There seems to be no end in the variety of ways one can make this happen. (I say, where there is a will there is a way). But there is one platform that's a really good place for indie artists to connect with industry professionals that have ongoing projects AND, are actually 'looking' for what you're offering. Check out

    I hope that helps!

    Happy New Year!

    Author: How to Turn A Dull Article Into A BLOCKBUSTER! Blog::

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    • Profile picture of the author heavymetallover
      That's an interesting idea - thanks Anthony!

      Please could you be more specific with what you mean by "branding"?

      That's cool that your blog is bringing how the bacon! Nice one!! Could you link me to it??
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      Great advice!
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    You need a build an audience. I would find someone in your niche who is already successful and model what they are doing. See if you can connect with them and get advise from them. My guess, unless you are a big name, there is not much money to be made there. Maybe you have some affiliate programs you can promote in your niche?


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    • Profile picture of the author heavymetallover
      Thanks Chris!

      Yes I need to build the audience. I have some ideas for that and I'm working on it.

      When it comes to the top of the music industry, I've read lots of biographies. Everyone seems to take a unique way there. I've reached out to a few people that I am slowly building a relationship with. They are usually crazy busy so I try not to ask them for too much!
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    If you don't know, you shouldn't give advice based on something you read somewhere on a blog. You should do extensive research. Stop trying to exalt yourself by posting comments trying to police everyone. Your the newbie.
    Spammers sure do get defensive quickly.

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  • I've been doing graphic, branding, and marketing for music artist mainly hip hop for the last 6 years I did the Seo and all of my marketing and I have been number for my keywords in Google for the last 5 years. But the best marketing is content marketing to connect with people . You need interviews, your bio, etc. What I do for some of my clients is I get a good bio and have them create some interviews and run cheap facebook campaign they send them to there bio and interviews. After they connect with the artist story they start looking up on Google.
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    • Profile picture of the author heavymetallover
      That's good advice - thanks man! I'm working on getting some interviews done and other people to promote me to their audience. I think I'm the first artist to run their own affiliate program lol

      I have my bio up here:
      what do you think?

      I'm getting promo from other people with an audience and I'm working on getting interviews too - I think that is solid, thanks man!
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  • Profile picture of the author Charloss Jenie
    I think many tips and trick for marketing the musics in 2018. Did you know youtube? alright, YouTube is the best place for marketers like music marketer. You can upload the cover, preview, and another, and then follow up the fans and give them what you need. Keep it simple..

    Free Online Music Downloader
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    • Profile picture of the author heavymetallover
      Thanks Charlie.

      My problem isn't how to present content to people, it's finding people to which I can present the content.
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  • You can also do it by email marketing.
    For this, you have to collect emails which are related to your topic.
    You can do it just using google and free email collecting software.
    Or you can also buy a free email list from [URL=""] here.
    I hope it will help you.
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    • Profile picture of the author heavymetallover
      Is free email collecting software similar to what others previously suggested in this thread?
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    Yo!!! Metal ****in rocks! Anyway, I'm a musician too and I'm using my copywriting skills to promote my bands. (Ok not really, too busy with work at my agency). You might wanna check this out bruh:

    pretty good stuff.
    FREE eBook! Rock Your Conversions TONIGHT!

    Aliz AJ
    Direct-Response CopyRocker
    Let's Get CopyRockin'
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    • Profile picture of the author heavymetallover
      Thanks man!

      I've been burned by these "music marketing" courses. Most of them are a ******* scam. I tried "Savvy Musician Academy", worked 5 hours a day for a month relentlessly implementing everything... sold 0 records.

      I emailed support and apparently out of 100,000 clients... they have no evidence of anyone replicating the founders results.

      I did some research and dug into the history of the founder and the course and since discovered why.

      It's messed up. She's basically a thief.

      Indieprenuer advises people on "building an audience", not building an income, and they have no testimonials with people stating their income, so I've already got my scam-detector blowing up
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