Need some help from some experienced article marketer.

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Hi, I am Jason, a newbie to IM. Currently I am focusing on article marketing. How do you guys come out with ideas when writing many articles about a niche? Do you guys write so many different topics about a niche in article marketing? Will be appreciate and grateful to your help, thanks!
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    Decide the niche .

    Research the keywords

    Do a Google search. This is your competition.

    Take some points that are in your competitions articles and provide your own original cure for the problem

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    That would be from the keyword research....find a lot of keywords relative to your niche and write an article for each keyword.

    The way to come out with new articles about the same thing is to look at the different angles for the same topic.

    Everyone is different so you can focus on the same topic but go about it in a new light with each new article or in other words how many ways can you talk about the same topic or keyword?
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    Research too. You can generally find some good free information on wikipedia and stuff.

    If you own the product this is easy, if not just look up the topic on esinearticles and see what others have to say.
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      Outsource your articles from the forum - there are many writers here - look under "warriors for hire" - also research for you and write articles, submit to the free traffic system and elsewhere like EZA - get ranking - get traffic!

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    Thanks a lot guys, I will digest every advice given here and put it into action, hopefully in the near future i will be able to show some good news. Cheers!
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    The main thing is that you want to follow all the good advice above by researching on google, ezinearticles, etc to see what other people are writing about. Then take this information - NEVER PLAGIARIZE!!! but put your own twist on the topic. Find your voice so to speak.

    It will be a good idea for you to take some time to learn about article structure and formatting. You can do this by simply looking at examples of good articles.

    Starting off so that you can get your feet wet in the article marketing game you should start by writing what they call mini-articles:

    These are short 250-500 word articles that roughly cover about 3 points for a topic. The benefit of this is that it will build up your writing skills and allow you to have massive content out there quickly. You can then later create longer and more elaborate articles as your skills progress.

    Write for humans instead of just writing for the search engines.
    While trying to get search engine rankings for your articles is a great idea
    remember that it will be humans that will be reading your articles and
    promoting them if you are writing something that they like or can benefit from!

    Lastly, don't forget as you start writing and distributing your articles make sure you have in your resource box at the bottom of the article a link to a landing page or blog so that you can start capturing emails and start building your list.

    -Shawn Michael Brown
    Building Success Together!
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