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I have a database of e-mails and I am about to start e-mailing these ppl about my company and what we do..
I will need some advice on the best way of doing this..
should I start the emails with:
Dear Mike,
should I avoid fancy colours and HTML ?
and make it look like i am sending a personal e-mail address specifically to someone?
should I avoid promotional language?
that's a couple of questions to start with..
thanks for your help
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    Start communicating with them.

    And avoid sending html emails (for spam purposes).

    - Peter
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      And avoid sending html emails (for spam purposes).
      At risk of starting an inter-galactic war (not my intention), I wouldn't say that HTML email needs to be completely avoided.

      For example, SpamAssassin scores you down if your email does not contain BOTH plain text and HTML versions in your email. If you only have HTML, you get a small markdown, but not enough to make any real difference.



      Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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