NoDoFollow Firefox Addons is dead?

by vema123 9 replies
I used to have the nodofollow addon in my firefox which is highlighted blue for dofollow & pink for nofollow. However after firefox was automatically updated, I've seen no more sign for nofollow & dofollow signs. Any idea how to get it back (the one with the highlighted blue & pink)? I've tried searching the firefox addons again but only found the one with dotted outline which is difficult to see and not so convenient as the old highlighted ones.

Thanks in advance!
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    Not sure what this add on is? Do you know the name of it? What does this do for you?


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    Just right click on the link and go for 'Inspect Element'. It will show whether or not your link has a no-follow attribute in it. Why care for an addon?
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      i am sure he must be knowing that. If there are many links, then it is difficult to check each and every link . Thats where add on comes handy.
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    I think its a case of just waiting for the plugin devs to update it to the format the new version of firefox. I have a bunch of my plugins in the same boat.
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    Yes, NoDofollow Add-ons is not compatible with Firefox Quantum...

    Still, you can use this Add-ons in previous Firefox version.
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    you can use :
    -SEOMoz Toobar for chrome and fifox
    - SEO Toobar of seobook.

    Good luck
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    I use Strike Out Nofollow Links 1.2.1 for Firefox. It strikes through nofollow links and underlines 'dofollow' links. It works great
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    Previous version of FireFox should be able to recognize NoDoFollow. You can eventually place two versions of the FireFox on your system which can helps you if those Addons are something that you really need.
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