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Hi guys,

So I want to start a (couple of - one with my partner, one without) Youtube channels, and I'm based in the UK. I'm not sure whether to mostly target viewers in the US or UK. My questions are:

1) If I post in the UK, I'm guessing my videos will come up in the same way across the world? Someone once suggested that Pinterest gives preferences to pins in one's own country, and I'm not sure if this is the case? Surely if you employ SEO, it'll just show up in the same way across the board?

2) Why do US-based Youtubers have sooo many more viewers and subscribers? The same seems to apply to Russian Youtubers. In the UK there seems to be a handful of people exceeding 1M, whereas there are plenty of US Youtubers with that many subscribers? Is this because people in the US prefer US Youtubers because of the accent? Is it possible there just aren't as many UK-based you tubers in general? Is it because of something else?

3) If I want to include a few affiliate links, from time to time, how can I target them to both the US and UK? I know I can do this with Amazon, but surely with other retailers I'll have to just pick a US or UK product/site (assuming it's not available in both countries).

I realise I have quite a few questions, but I'm basically just wondering why US Youtubers get more views, and whether I need to target the UK as I'm already in the UK and have a British accent, or whether it doesn't make much of a difference? I also don't know what time to day to post, as I don't know who I'm targeting.

Thanks everyone!!!
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    You can only target UK / US. And choose keywords based on your country. And if you want you can block countries (best option)
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      Thanks. I'm just trying to understand whether it's best to target my home country or the US.
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    Here's my opinion...

    1. All videos with English content will expose to 1st tier countries first. And USA is the 1st in the list among the rest. If you want it to show locally then you need to add some SEO for your local targeting. If you upload it from UK, certainly it will have some advantages for local targeting in UK.

    2. The whole world is an audience for US. And Russia is just the 2nd choice when people want to know the opposite things than US. So, it's not because of the accent. I think it's more because of the gadget people have such iPhone and iPad, which are from US. And US is just number 3 after China and India in the amount of their people (citizen).

    3. Again, if you want to target local buyers, then you should do local SEO in mind for that. It's a matter of your market focus, so you need to focus on their demography with specific offer suited for them.

    I have no problem with my location where I live and upload my video. I just do the keyword research for the product I'm affiliate with. And I'm still making the sales from around the globe. And I don't care with the views count. The whole word is the best market for me.

    Just sharing anyway.

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      Regarding Russian Youtubers, I meant those that actually make videos in Russian.

      It still seems as though US-based Youtubers have way more views and subscribers, so I just wondered why that was.

      What sort of local targeting advantages are there?

      Thanks again!
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    This might have something to do with it:

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    Regarding Russian Youtubers, I meant those that actually make videos in Russian.

    It still seems as though US-based Youtubers have way more views and subscribers, so I just wondered why that was.
    Populations (according to Google search):
    U.S. - 323.1 Million
    Russia - 144.3 Million
    U.K. - 65.64 Million

    Simple probability calculations should make it obvious that Russians probably create less than 50% as many YouTube videos than their American counterparts. That same simple math would indicate that those from the U.K. might create less than 25% as many videos.

    Similar extrapolations can be made with regard to viewers, subscribers, etc.

    Of course population isn't the only factor to be considered (i.e. language preference), but I doubt that your "reach" would limit you in any of those markets. They are all potentially large enough to provide more than enough traffic for a lifetime.

    LOL - Brent beat me to it.

    Sid Hale
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      Thanks. I guess I was wondering whether I should be aiming to attract mostly UK viewers, since I'm from the UK myself.
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    YouTube channels are a whole new world of marketing possibilities and some people targeting only specific countries and places. For example I even notice certain YouTube channels which never get their steps for the US, UK or even European market but are still earning a lot from the country where they are based. Guess that everything is ad related and you should make a deep research before you even start YouTube channel.
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