How Commission Junction works ?

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I am surfing this forum form 3 days ago , and I realized that this forum is the
Best forum I have ever seen .

So I hope to someone help me and give me any book that learning me
how earn money form Commission Junction ?

I found old 20$ (by a coupon code ) in Ad Manager in my Facebook account
Is this 20$ good to start advertising with Commission Junction offers ?
Or this amount is a little ?
thank you guys
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    heeeeeeeeeeeeey ........
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      Commission Junction enables vendors to pay you when someone purchases their goods via your link.

      The way to do that is to market either a vendor or a product, and when people buy from that vendor or buy that product, you get a commission.

      I'm not sure what you're asking about re: $20. I'm guessing there's a specific coupon for a certain vendor. I don't promote coupons, I do regular priced individual items, so certainly a $20 coupon could work, since I make money with no discount at all.

      Maybe you want to clarify what you're asking so I or someone else can better answer your specific question.
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    If you are asking if 20.00 is to little to advertise on facebook then your answer would be yes, yes it is. Spend that 20 bucks somewhere else like a course on bum marketing or something. Might want to check out the WSO section here for a better use of those 20 bucks. Just my 2 cents, best of luck to you.
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      You might use the 'Search' tab at the top of the toolbar for "Commission Junction" - just to see how many people don't make any money from them.

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    Yes in my experience when it comes to commission junction and trade etc they are better suited to people operating a cashback site etc

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