Being offended by really low marketing.

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Hi guys,
Not an informative post, just a poll I guess.

Say you opted in on some IM guru mailing list.

So he starts sending you daily or every two days emails. And sometimes you get to his landing page (assuming he sells his own product). So you land on the page and you see the - "only <span text-decoration: line-through;">100, 82, <span color:red;">62</span></span> copies left".

Or download now cuz I'll take this guide off tonight. Or every email he sends starts with your full name or only your first name to make it look personal (when you know he's just using the aweber fullname/firstname options]. Or he sends you some 12 page pdf that has little or no real value

Don't you feel a bit offended.... I mean sure if he's addressing the common n00b or newbie, sure, I use these "limited time" scaring techniques, but if he's marketing to savvy marketers.... don't you feel like.... right....... sure - only 60 copies left (when we know it's a static HTML who has no relation to the amount of sells).

Dunno... maybe it's just me

What do you think?

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    It really sort of depends. A lot of the time, I roll my eyes and shake my head and say "it's a shame we still have to market this way to supposedly intelligent adults" as I make the order. Other times, I sigh loudly and close the web page in disgust.

    I'm not really sure where the line is. There's a level of "low" marketing that I'll accept and ignore, but there's also a level that just immediately turns me off.

    Sometimes it's something very simple... one marketer in particular used the exact same image of himself on the header of every website featuring his products, then did a whole slew of JVs that flooded my inbox with offers to check out this new product... and there's that same damn picture again!

    That's not "low" marketing at all. It's just branding. But for some reason, seeing that same picture over and over again completely hacked me off, and I have this immediate and visceral reaction to the picture OR the marketer's name (which obviously reminds me of the picture).

    I just sort of stack up experiences like this and study them, because it fascinates me. I see the Quaker oats guy all the time, and it doesn't upset me. I see pictures of Aunt Jemima and Betty Crocker, who don't upset me. Why do the pictures of this marketer bother me so much? Is it because it's a photograph? Would it be better if the picture were a faux painting or a caricature? I don't know.
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      I don't know if I see it as "Really Low Marketing" If he is an internet GURU, then whatever he is doing has created enough value to give him that status.

      You have to understand that most "GURU" types are targeting the newbies on the front end.

      Jeff Mitchell

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      Originally Posted by CDarklock View Post

      I'm not really sure where the line is.
      The truth would be a good place to start. If you say you're only going to sell 60, sell only 60. If you say it's going off the market tonight, take it off the market tonight.

      The aweber personalization stuff doesn't bother me though....why would it?
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