My 7 Favorite Ways to Increase Visits to Your Website

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My 7 Favorite Ways to Increase Visits to Your Website

Want to know how to increase visits to your website or blog without spending a dollar in marketing?

The answer is obvious.

In this post I will let you participate in strategies , that nobody clearly shares.

The problem of user growth strategies and SEO ranking of a blog is that they provide results in the medium and long term, but there are ways to have feedback already in a very short time.

So, how to get tangible results starting tomorrow?

How to Duplicate Traffic to Your Blog and Increase Visits to Your Pages.
# 1 Email Marketing
If you're not doing it then now is the time to start collecting your visitors' emails, in addition to search traffic this will be your biggest source of traffic.

Imagine building a list of 1000 email contacts, this means that every time you write a new post or sell a new service you will have 1000 possible users to inform; sure, not everyone will look at their mailbox but a large part yes.

Every time you publish new content, contact the registered users of your newsletter, and you will see a significant increase in your visits.

How to collect contacts to increase your list?

The best way to collect subscriptions is popup, sidebar optin, form within posts. To do this there are many ways, there are many free plugins on the net, one is optin form , another good choice is wp-subscribe .

If you are looking for something complete and professional, I think the best plugin to get amazing results is thrieve leads , offers many options of optin, custom design, pay only once without the usual monthly fee, A / B testing on your contact form and conversion statistics. In short, the best!

A unique way to collect emails is to create additional content to your post and make it available only to people who will subscribe to your list. It may be a bit slow at first but the results are guaranteed, it will make up at least 40% of your optin; or you can offer a free E-book in exchange for registration.

Once you have a list, you will be able to receive traffic by letting you know all the latest news from your site and get views. A template for your contacts could be:


I want to share with you the latest from my blog, let me know what you think.

[title of your post with link] [here insert the first paragraph of your post or a brief persuasive description to click on the link] Continue reading ... [another link to your post]

# 2 Write detailed contents
It may seem repetitive but it is the engine that will take off to your blog, "Content is the King", will be the most important part of SEO in the future, write detailed content capable of responding to the problem of your readers is the key to a site successful web.

Writing detailed posts will not only allow you to position yourself for dozens of long tail uncompetitive keywords , but will allow you to receive a large number of visits and keep your readers glued to your blog.

Content that meets the needs of users is able to return them to your site more than once over time and then create a faithful reader.

In this article I explain how to write a perfect post blog .

article length vs shares

The perfect length of a post varies from 1000 words up and generally post long are also more shared on social media, they rank better on search engines and get an average time on your site.

Try to respond to the needs of your users by creating a profile of your ideal reader and find solutions to their problems .

When you write, you are talking to your friend, starting from a topic and developing the topic using short paragraphs and a short argument, remember that each topic is a keyword.

# 3 Long tail Keywords
Do you want to be able to reach tens of thousands of visits every month? Or do you prefer to continue to be satisfied with your 1000?

In my years of blogging one of the few parameters left unchanged in SEO are the keywords, an effective high conversion keyword plan can make the difference between a strategy that works and brings visits and an inconclusive.

If you consistently write in-depth content around long-tail keywords, you'll see a constant increase in traffic to your blog from search engines, receiving more customers and growing your popularity on the web (Branding).

How to search for keywords?

A research conducted by the Statist website shows how a successful optimization should focus 50% on long-tail keywords.

To start planning your next keywords start with a seed keyword for example:


Starting from this word we will use google keyword planner , an excellent tool to find new ideas, find uncompetitive keywords and get an idea about the volume of traffic you can carry.

We look for the word that interests us and clicking on "keyword ideas" we see the results that are provided.

The interesting keywords are those that are not competitive with a sufficient number of monthly searches.

Taking a sheet of excel or clicking on export, you will have to mark the most appropriate keywords for your content:

those with sufficient research volume.
those in theme with your blog.
those that allow writing an effective title for your posts.
After this step we proceed with the writing of the title.

# 4 Headlines: writing fantastic titles to capture web traffic.
The writing of a title not only can help you better positioned, but can also entice readers to click on your page.

Ok, how to get these results?

Use the list title form, eg: 8 yoga positions for ...
Use the "how to" headlines: How to practice yoga at home.
Titles addressed to the reader: do you want to learn new yoga exercises?
From a research of conductor these three types of titles are preferred by users, so they are the ones that convert better! So you use them!

Almost all the blogs ignore what is copywriting and the powerful techniques that allow you to induce a user to turn into a reader of your blog. There are several techniques to induce a person to click on your page, one of the best is to stimulate a reaction by leveraging the emotions of those who sail with a promise or offering benefits.

The emotional component.

Learn to stimulate people's emotions to receive at least 30% more clicks from search engine results.

To persuade the reading of a post in addition to the use of one of the above-mentioned titles, you must use strong words, able to better qualify your post; These allow you to interact with readers motivating them to start reading your post.

To present an amazing title to your readers, insert exciting words that persuade you to read what you write, eg:

From "How to practice yoga at home", transform your title into "How to become a Yoga expert in 15 days at home".

Using a time component such as "15 days" and an adjective as "expert" help users make the decision to click on your result.

Also remember that you have 70 characters available to write a headline, use them all without mercy!

Next step, take your posts and evaluate if your titles can be changed, changed or improved; done this in the next few days from an eye to the CTR of your posts on Google Analytics, you will certainly have some surprises.

# 5 Create Collaborations with other Bloggers
If you isolate yourself twice the effort and get half the results , if your goal is to bring traffic and visits to your blog then it is a must follow the next strategies.

Working with other bloggers in your industry you can build a large network of backlinks to your site , which will not only take you more visits but also improve your SEO and popularity on the web.

Are you a sociable person and do you like to make new acquaintances? Well open an Excel sheet or better yet a spreadsheet on Google Drive and titled it "collaborations".

I personally use 2 collaborative forms for my blogs:

write Guest posts, posts written by you that are published in other blogs.
Interviews, opinions, poadcast of other Bloggers (better if famous) that you publish on your site.
Then go to Google and search all the blogs of your own niche and your own typology ignoring company blogs (for now). Check if they allow guest posts to be written, if you then mark the address on your spreadsheet.

The same work will be done for the interviews, in this case we will add all the blogs of our niche that we like.

After this step, you have to create valuable content that can be proposed in other blogs, use their form in the contact section and propose your new post; if they accept publishing your post then you have finished your job, otherwise try to contact them after a month.

As for the interviews you have to prepare a topic where you ask for an opinion or advice to the most authoritative bloggers on the network and then compose a post with their answers by contacting them when it will be published. Usually influencers seeing themselves mentioned in a post created by you will quote you in their content or will share your post in their network. Bingo!

You have obtained a new source of traffic for your blog, which will take you visits to taste.

# 6 Create an Editorial Calendar and Publish Content more frequently
68% of marketers do not have a documented editorial plan, this means that in most websites it does not have effective publishing strategies.

Publishing content constantly allows you to:

provide your readers with fresh contents.
Get more popularity.
Position yourself for more keywords.
have better indexing and position yourself better in search engines.
Create an editorial calendar and increase the frequency of publication .

If you publish 2 posts a month, try to consider writing more often and bring the number of posts to 3 or 4 every month. You will notice a significant increase in traffic and visits to your Blog.

Use Google calendar or if you use WordPress the Editorial Calendar plugin , they will help you organize your editorial work better.

publication 2 times a week, more visits

# 7 Use Infographics to make Shares Explode
The infographics and graphic formative are fantastic tools to give a decisive and continuous push in time to the visits of your blog.

The main reasons why you should spend part of your time creating graphic content:

Images and Infographics are indexed in Google Image increasing the search traffic.
If they are visually beautiful they are shared on social media. This is absolutely fantastic, if after being shared become viral you find yourself within a year to have several thousand passive visits to your blog.
Keep visitors glued to the screen, increasing the average time spent on your website and then improving the SEO.
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    Originally Posted by Marketing4life View Post

    In this post I will let you participate in strategies , that nobody clearly shares.
    Strategies that nobody shares?

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    # 1 Email Marketing
    Okay, let's see, have I ever heard of this strategy before?


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      Okay, let's see, have I ever heard of this strategy before?
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    On the plus side, it doesn't appear to be published elsewhere, according to a quick Google search.

    On the minus side, the strategies he lists are far from things no one else talks about, and they lack any kind of detail.
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    Content is king...always has and always will be. I think that when you have high quality content that is fresh on your site, people will automatically want to go there to check out what is new!
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      Are you answering someone's question?
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  • Realy useful article. Thank you so much. And I also wanna ask, how do you think about importance of the wordpress themes how to use them best?
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    Did you put some thought, and effort into this? Or was this a copy, and paste article from somewhere?

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    Nope, it doesn't work that way.

    I have sites with great content that have backlinks and sites with great content that don't have backlinks. The sites with backlinks have visitors; the sites without backlinks do not have visitors.

    If anecdotal me is not good enough for you, google anything, go to page 5 or higher and browse the results. You'll see many that have great and updated content but no backlinks.

    Great content is good, but people need to find it, which means you have to have a marketing method in place.

    Can we stop the if-you-write-it-well-and-often-they-will-come crap?

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    Content is king...always has and always will be. I think that when you have high quality content that is fresh on your site, people will automatically want to go there to check out what is new!
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