I need help. Avangate, freshbook, stripe: checkouts. commercial site. Please read !

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Hi everyone,

I want to create a website that sells softwares, which checkout is best?
for example: avangate, freshbook and stripe ?
Since it is my first commercial site, I wanted to ask some details about privacy,
for instance does the checkout sites reveal my Name and address to the clients (in their bank statements)? Which one has an overall customer service? Which is more reliable in terms of payouts/withdrawals ?
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    I use Stripe. But in order to answer your question about comparison of features, which is best, etc, I can't answer it because I have no experience with the other payment platforms that you're asking about.

    Do what I did. Review and compare your different alternatives, read reviews about each one online from their users, pick the one that seems best for your own situation and sophistication and comfort, then just give it a try. If you don't like it, try a different company.


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      Does stripe reveals your Name and address in transaction and bank statements? for example if a purchase is made on your site, does the client see your private info ( I'm a newbie in this and sorry for asking this questions..)

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