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Hello Folks, I am promoting medical equipment's only in UAE. I am looking to set a Facebook ad campaigns. who should i target. Any suggestions from you. And any ideas how to do marketing????
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    It seems to make sense to target people in need of medical equipment in the UAE, no?

    As far as location, you are set, only from UAE.

    As far as who? Obviously people or companies in the medical industry. You could target doctors, hospital purchasing managers, clinics, CEO's of clinics and hospitals - even dentistry, and other medical fields like veterinary?

    I think you may also want to try advertising on LinkedIn since you seem to be more B2B specific.

    Just my quick thoughts...
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    Here's where some old-school research is involved.

    If you are a rep for the equipment company, sit down with a few of the sales staff and pick their brains. Who makes the decisions? Who else has input, and what kind?

    If you're an independent, without company support, go directly to your prospect companies -- hospitals, clinics, medical/dental/veterinary practices -- and simply ask for a few minutes to ask these basic background questions. You can also ask about decision criteria, concerns, must-haves, etc.

    Do not try to make a sale from this contact. All you want at this stage is information.

    For example, if you want to sell a new heart monitor to a hospital, you'll likely need buy-in from the head of the cardiac unit, the IT people who have to integrate it into the hospital network, the purchasing department, and the hospital administrator. All of them will have different information needs and objectives.

    Once you know these things, creating an ad campaign is much simpler and much more effective.

    Not sure how well the UAE are represented on LinkedIn, but it's definitely worth a half hour of your time to find out.
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