Offering physical products as bonus offer?

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Hello guys,

I have a question for y'all when it comes to offering bonuses for affiliate offers. Just so the question is frame properly, I am working in the email marketing space.

I've been reading some information recently that suggests offering bonuses along with an affiliate offer is a great way to boost conversions. (This makes total sense!)

However, most of the material suggests offering info/digital products as bonuses.

So, my questions are:

1. Is it very common to offer physical products as bonuses, or at least discounts to physical products?
2. If so, is there some software out there that allows you to apply discounts/reimbursements for physical products? Or, would a process like this have to be done manually (e.g. sending reimbursement to a buyer via PayPal?

Please let me know if this question makes sense!

Thank you!

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    Yes it is common to offer physical products as bonuses. The summary about this is just, make sure the cost of creating and shipping the physical product doesn't significantly cut down on your affiliate commission. Also, if you're going to use physical products as a *device*, make sure you own and control it. Don't offer physical products from somebody else's site, cause if their site goes down or they stop offering the product.... what will you do?

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    However, most of the material suggests offering info/digital products as bonuses.
    That's because there is very little cost to deliver.

    You want your bonuses to be closely related and preferably complementary to the initial product purchased.

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    Only if you use third party provider since it's not a very pretty sight if something goes south in your deal

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