Paying for blog advertising?? On the cheap, of course!

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Hi all

Just wanted to know how others get on in the murky world of paid blog postings. I did a small experiment recently with some new software I am selling and the results are, shall we say, less than spectacular.

I tried three different outfits -, and

I was not prepared to spend any more than $20-30 an ad per month (cheap n' cheerful!) and I found the was much too expensive and that for the the price I was paying on and the reviews I got were practically illiterate and for all intents and purposes pretty useless.

Bottom line - if you want to advertise on a specific blog niche for cheap, I found that going (Online Advertising | was much better and this has given me great targetted traffic for small money.

I presume that if i had been spending bigger money ($200+) and may have given better quality.

I would love to know others have achieved using blog advertising?


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    Thanks for the tip on buy/sell ads.

    May run a small test if I find sites in the niches I operate in.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    This is not something I have looked into using however feel free to keep me up to date on how it goes for you and then I may consider it and thanks for the heads up also

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    Has anyone tried AdBrite or Text-Link-Ads?

    And, of course the Google Adwords Content Network (as opposed to the Search Network) allows you to target ads to specific blogs that use AdSense to monetize.
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    Well there is another online poratl which is quite good which does not compel for any minimum payout per post. I have searched through many blog review services most of them have $10 per post which is minimum but here in buyblogreviews you can fix your own cost and can search through blogs and select the blogger to write a review.

    However, you need to spend good time to get quality posts. I have tried on many sites and most them have seen good improvement.
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    The very best way to do paid for advertising is to first list every conceivable place that you can buy traffic that serves up your ideal target market. Be very specific in your targeting and then list all the advertising places.

    All of the blog space ads, PPV ads, PPC ads, Banner ads, ReviewIt posts, etc...

    Next, you'll need to test your ads. One control ad and one slight variation. Go through all of these ad sources and compare results.
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