No More Money Worries!!

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Thank you for reading this and if you have never read my posts, my name is Daniel and I now make a six-figure income a year doing exactly and thinking exactly like I'm about to tell you. I'll try to be as direct as possible.

While reading this if you think you want to stop... Don't... this message isn't about you, this is strictly about how we interact with the money we're trying to create.

Year after year people try to make money online and most times they completely fail and the reality is they fail because they don't understand the principles behind what really creates the income.

So instead of me giving you some great philosophical post, on the mindset of things, let's be a little practical and let me tell you what I have done.

I'll get this out of the way first. You will not make a dime online or offline if you do not have value to give other people. You cannot just go online, pick a product and then promote it without giving someone Value First. Every successful person understands that the amount of money you earn is a byproduct of how valuable you are to other people's lives. It's really that simple.

Some people think you have to be extremely smart or piggyback off of other people, so let me tell you what you really have to do once you understand and have value to give.

It's all about numbers and here are the elements that really matter...

- The product you're promoting. Make sure it's a good product and very valuable.

- Your enthusiastic ability to convince people to buy that product. Confidence in yourself will convey and bleed to the prospect. That confidence can be contagious and increase certainty inside the prospect because if they are not internally certain that they can accomplish what you are trying to get them to perceive, then you will fail. Simple. If they have any doubt and I do me any doubt that you may be lying then in their mind you are a liar and this will not work for them. Killing off skepticism is just a part of business.

Now, what you really want to hear is what can you do to create income that you want.

You have to understand the biggest thing in the world when it comes to making money online... It's numbers.

Somewhere online there should be a course simply about numbers because this is the way to real Financial Freedom. Looking at all the small little details of email marketing, copywriting etc although a must, you will get nowhere without understanding numbers.

What I want you to do is think about the number 1000, you want 1000 people to see your message. First of all you need to understand that if you are truly trying to be successful the amount of money you spend does not matter, you have to want this as bad as you want your next breath. The only reason I'm in the position that I am in is because I was willing to do whatever it took for my family to live the life that I dreamt. There's no if ands or buts, either you are going to do this or you are not. There is no in between.

Here's an example:

If you go to a source of traffic and they charge you $1.50/click then this will be the math...

I'm going to give you a very rough example but please use this as a grounds to where you are trying to go. The money you invest in your business is a tool just like your landing pages your email marketing campaigns Etc

Always calculate high and imagine your conversions to be as low as possible; even if the product you are promoting claim to have a high conversion rate. It doesn't matter what the product owner says, it matters the results that you are going to get.

Now, remember we want 1,000 people to see our page. The first step is to get people to our email list so the numbers get a little scary here but please understand this is the nature of playing this game.

Let's say we purchased 6000 clicks. That's $1.50 x 6000 = That's $9,000

Imagine out of that 6000 clicks only 2,100 actually opted in.

Now, that is you warming your prospect up a little bit and having a decent landing page. That's a 35% conversion which should be your minimum and to be fair, all of my landing pages get at minimum 43% conversion but this isn't hard to accomplish and in this world of online marketing you need to at least have some education in copywriting. So I recommend two of the books that I love, The Ultimate Sales letter by Dan S. Kennedy and Sales Letters That Sizzle by Herschell Gordon Lewis. You also need to pay attention to landing pages or opt-in pages from people in our industry that you look up to. Education is key because in this field you need to be an educated professional to win.

Now, out of that 2,100 people that are on your email list, you can almost guarantee that at least 500 of those people will not click on your link in the email for whatever reason or some of them will be fake email address, just trying to siphon information.

That would leave you with 1600 people on your email list. Now let's just say out of those 1600 only 1,000 people actually clicked on your link to view your page. That means out of 2,100... 1100 people did not make it to your sales page. Leaving you with a thousand people looking at your sales page. Please do remember before they see a sales page they should be taken to a page that gives them great content that leads into the sales page. We call these lead magnets in which your prospects should be able to obtain as soon as they opt in.

Now, let's say you have a really good sales page with great copy, great images and a great price. Imagine if 20% of those people converted into sales of a $75 product that you are getting a 50% Commission on, which is $37.5 per sale in your pocket without up sales. That means out of a thousand, 200 people purchased.

That gives you 200 x $37.5 = $7,500

That doesn't even include upsells. I'm giving you these numbers because these numbers are very similar to when I first started being successful, of course I didn't have all that money up front but you get the point.

Now, if you have spent $9,000 and made $7,500 back and you still have those people on your list who did and also those who didn't buy in which they will probably be interested at a later date or a different type of product.

So imagine, a few weeks later you promote something even cheaper and also have wonderful value. You give value to your list and instead of taking them straight to a sales page, you link them out to a page or a video that you made fill with content on why they should buy whatever product you're promoting. there's many ways to do this you have to find your voice and you need to find how you best articulate the value you're trying to give them. Once you promote that product of course some people will buy and this will happen over and over as you reinvest to make your list bigger and bigger.

My list consists of about 23,800 people, I lose about 28 a day and gain about 130. this is just one form of income and it is very easy to make because I have found my voice and I instill confidence and those who listen to me because they know I have a really struggle to get here and I will do anything to make sure the people on my list are satisfied because without them believing in me, no money would ever be made. I make on average 18,000 a month from my list but please don't look at that as a lot of money, there's people who dwarf my income. you should always take your earnings and reinvest and look for another way to make money. Have multiple streams of income, this is the only way to continuously grow your finances. whatever is your safe-comfort Zone, get out of it. the income you're looking to make only happened once you're fully open.

The questions you should be asking yourself is what are you willing to pay in order to make it online? And are you willing to educate yourself to become as valuable as you need to be?

You need to be extremely valuable, this means educating yourself you are not going to make it in this industry trying to sell people little crap products that only exist to make a buck for the product owner.

You need to find the best way to articulate yourself, this means learn how to write and find out if your best through audio, video or writing. This is critical to your expression. 90% of the time that I make a sale its because of the conversation I have with people beforehand so I have had 500 people in a seminar and 450 people purchase. that's a 90% conversion rate. the biggest factor in all of this is the ability to convey yourself in a very convincing manner that makes the prospect kill any preconceived notion that what you are promoting won't work for them. The idea is to create certainty inside of them, the better you get at making them believe in themselves the less you will have to worry about money because money is simply a byproduct of the value you give others.

This was just an example but this is how people are making it online, if you treat this business like a real business then you can be successful but if you come in here for a quick money grab then you will be forever stuck in the abyss of failure.

It's not about making $10,000 a month online, it's about what are you going to do in order to become worth $100,000 a month to those looking at you. A surgeon does not get paid well because of what he's worth, a surgeon gets paid well because what he can do for others. Increase the quality of someone else's lives and the quality of yours will increase as well.

Be addicted to increasing your value every single day as if it's your breath. I wish there was an easier way but if there were, there would be less of us making six figures. Success or not having success, it's a choice and a mindset.The world doesn't care which side you choose.
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    Hi Danny,

    that's a great article, and I like the angle that you are coming from - providing people with value.

    I have heard it said a lot, here on the forum and I have experienced it from what other successful marketers provide as well.

    I think that my favourite marketers such as Yanik Silver always "over deliver".

    If you purchase something from them, whether it is a course or an ebook you will find it is packed with a lot more than you are expecting.

    You find that you will buy from people such as this repeatedly, which as you have said in your article, increases the long term customer value.

    So when marketing its not just the first sale that brings in the money, but a series of sales that could last years to a satisfied customer.

    Best Regards
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