Laws regarding meme use?

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Do memes fall under the same laws as other images? If I find a meme with no source to cite, can I use it? Do I need to create my own memes? This is for business use.
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      I am not a lawyer, either. I'm going to go on a limb and say it's a lousy idea to use them without owning the copyright to them.

      Originally Posted by Seemore25101 View Post

      Ask a lawyer. I work at a law firm. If you need advice, pm me.

      You should not be getting legal advice on here.

      I am NOT a lawyer and so cannot give you any legal advice whatsoever, but I can put you in touch with one.
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    It's an odd situation because a meme is covered by copyright but many who create them don't protect the copyright....because they WANT the meme distributed.

    A meme that is protected and guarded from 'copyright violation' is a meme that will never be viral or even very popular.
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    it is so simple to create a meme so why would anyone want to steal one

    1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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      Actually people are stealing today many kind of things for which they are not even sure if they can take it or not.
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    If the images are under copyright, the addition of some random text doesn't remove that copyright.

    Sharing memes recreationally is one thing - using them for business purposes is another matter. Personally, I wouldn't risk it.
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    Under the US' Copyright law's fair use provisions, you can use others' work provided it's part of COMMENTARY

    now if you're just going to take someone's image and share it as is, you're not protected

    but if you were to include a short commentary (not on the image graphic itself but on the side of the image), you should be okay

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    I've read good arguments on both sides. Copyright law in the US isn't black and white. Fair use can cover things like satire and humor.
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      Law in the US diverse from state to state even related to the copyright issues. You should read some general laws which are common for everyone.
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    I honestly don't think anyone on here could give you a full answer (no offence to anyone)
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    For business use? NO! Don't risk your business for just a meme.

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    Of course, misappropriating images is wrong, but I doubt that anyone has ever been sued over a meme. There should be a meme for that.

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    upload with VPN under an alias. For maximum privacy use tor and don't use your regular email.

    then you can upload whatever you want.
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