How I target my Site only In Uk?

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I am working on my site on daily basis, but I want to target my business only in the UK. What howz? Can you guys share your view of points so I will get results?
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    in the <head> section before the </head> or <body> tags, place this snippet:

    <href lang= en-uk>

    To break it down, that tells Google Bots and any other spiders crawling your site that in the the header section is referencing the language of your site and that of the intended visitor is English and that it is most relevant 2 English speakers in the UK... the search engines take that information and use it to do precisely what you were asking, list You Higher in the search results 4 searchers in the UK where you would be telling Google your site would be most relevant than it would anywhere else... Who played was able to teach somebody something today
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    You can also do it in Google's Search Console -
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      Thanks @Dave, for sharing a great informative article.
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    Have all your prices in £ Sterling.
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    It's may seem a minor thing but make sure you use the English spelling of words.
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    Target only UK traffic in whatever platform you go..
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    The very first thing that you need to do is to purchase .uk domain .It will directly hit your audience. .com is good but this will target your audience . Another thing that you can do is to make your website appear in the places where your country people is availabe . You can use fb ads there are hundred of fb group of your country . Join these groups and share your website link and info into this . You will get the better results . Same on instagram twitter and so on ...
    This Way you can hit your uk audience
    Best of Luck
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      Thanks Mineim I will do, according to you.
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    Is there no way that you can specifically target UK traffic only? Where are you advertising now?
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      Currently do link building, advertise site on Uk classifieds sites.
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    you might want to start with a .uk domain


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      Yes I advertise my site on classifieds site for Uk.
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    start with a .uk domain.......
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    For this, you have to list your business on Google maps with your business address, set target country location in Goiogle webmasters and also use Uk based schema script in your website.
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