How to get more traffic to my Etsy store?

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How to get more traffic to my Etsy store?
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    What is the market?

    What have you done to generate traffic so far?

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    Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook/social media, backend sales, email marketing, referrals, youtube, etc. All of this stuff works. What do you sell, and why did you decide to sell it? You need a very good answer to the latter question.
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    Create a blog related to your products and post related content in the blog. You may post product reviews, helpful tips etc.
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    Use Social Media like Instagram, Facebook ads, contests to redirect traffic to your etsy shop. You can also try Google Adwords, email marketing, blogs, forum posts, Facebook groups for the traffic to your store.
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    Thank you ,I have Facebook page,twitter ,pinterest and blog but no visit
    This is link of my shop :
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      You can also join some Etsy teams so you can post your items and get exposure. Also join in in the discussions on the Etsy forums, people will check out your website when you ask for help.
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    Use the Social Media site, try to hit the targeted Audience. Increase your site back link, by which your site page rank will be increased & traffic will be also increased. Do the relevant blog comment, Forum posting. Thanks for your interest.
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    Pinterest is good for arts and crafts and it has a large female audience
    which I presume would be a match for your Etsy store .
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  • Yes, as John47 said, I would make sure you get some Pinterest pictographs in there for sure. Make sure the size of your image is long and skinny so it can be read on mobile phones. Post a few helpful tips about your market and a picture of your product in the graphic and link it back to your store.
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    Use Keywords in Product Descriptions
    I added relevant keywords to all of the photographs in my clinet´s Etsy store. I had to wait patiently to see if my idea would work.

    After a few days I started to notice an increase in traffic to my client´s Etsy Store. I continued to add more products and did the same process and after a few months I saw a dramatic difference in traffic to his Etsy shop. I went from average 200 views to over 10,000 in a month!
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    To get immediate traffic, you should look at paid traffic options.
    Make sure you have a good capture page that will encourage
    visitors to opt in.

    Also, work on getting free traffic. Build a blog and when you
    each time you create a new post, add the post to fb, twitter, google+,
    instagram, and pinterest. This will create backlinks and drive
    additional traffic to your blog organically.
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