Affiliate Manager Or JV Broker ?

by Ebbi
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Hi folks!

I'm pretty sure I know the difference between them but I'm not sure..
Please correct me if I'm wrong;

JV broker is someone that is nothing but a middle man between you and
affiliates. Depending on the JV broker some of them might help you
improve the sales letter, marketing methods, etc... but basically a JV
broker is someone that goes over your product, if he/she see's potential
in it they'll ether contact or give you contact details to super affiliate in
that niche and then it's up to you to make sure everything is working on
your end. You do all the work while he/she only provides you with the
opportunity to get access to super affiliates.
Most JV brokers only take % of your profit.

Affiliate manager is someone that takes your project under their wings,
as long as you provide the product, sales page and some kind of a marketing
plan they take over and handle all affiliate business. They get affiliate to
join your program and they follow through with your affiliate from a to z
during the launch so you can focus all your efforts on the product and
delivering what the product promises.
Most affiliate managers take upfront fees + a % on the profit.

NOW, my question is... where in the world do you find these people?
I know you can find few of them at JV forums like Mike, Reed and etc...
but they are mostly just JV brokers.

Where can you find a good affiliate manager that does what I explained
above? Do they actually exist :confused:

The reason I'm asking is because I have developed a software and I'm in
the process of finishing all designs and sales letter but then I'm stuck.
I know I could do a WSO and maybe make few hundred dollars but I have
a pre-launch strategy, etc... I have basically setup the complete marketing
plan for this software and of course IMO it's great and unique but I NEED
someone experienced to work with me in this!

I'm more than willing to pay a upfront fee plus a good share of all profits

Are there any marketers out there that do this stuff, are actually searching
for people with top quality product to help them promote them and take a
share of the profits?

So do I need a Affiliate manager or a JV broker and where do I find them?

Thanks for your time,
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    One way to find an affiliate manager is post such a job on the Abestweb Forum (a forum on affiliate marketing). Here's the link:

    ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum - Affiliate Manager Jobs

    Other way: post a job description at, the Sales and Marketing section.


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    Hi Bogdan...

    Thanks for the tip on abestweb, it's nor really active but there seam to be some really
    good affiliate managers lurking there waiting for projects

    Also I have seen people search for affiliate managers on GAF but I never show it much
    interest, Do you have any experience dealing with affiliate managers from GAF or know
    of someone that's actually found one there?

    Thanks for the help m8!
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    Hey Ebbi,

    I've actually spoken to quite a few people recently regarding this and they were
    kind of in the same boat.

    They had everything in place but didn't really know where to go after that.

    I'm actually just finishing up a project at the moment (affiliate management) but will be releasing something pretty cool to War Room members next month, it's service/broker related.

    Keep an eye out! or alternatively shoot me a PM and I can try and help you out.



    ps. it's usually a pretty good idea to use both a broker and affiliate manager (depending on the size of the launch)
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    Here's my take on affiliate manager and jv broker:

    JV Broker
    - Brings fresh JV partners to you
    - The one who supplies you with affiliates

    Affiliate manager
    - Someone who manages your affiliates
    - Someone who take care of JV partners' requests

    That's how I look at it.
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    Thanks Alex and Ong for your input!

    I bet a lot of people are in the same situation as me, the worts part is also that
    most of the people will never launch their products because they can't seem
    to break into any inner circle or get responses from JV brokers or affiliates.

    I've tried to get into contact with few of the "big" names in the industry where my
    product fits in but the closest you get these days are the support desk where your
    email is deleted on the second if you are not asking for help!

    So I guess you really need a JV broker that actually can contact these guys and
    recommend the product to them.

    I'm shotting you a PM Alex and also if there are any JV brokers here that would be
    interested to know more about the product please shot me a PM.

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    Hi Ebbi,

    I have my fair share of experience working
    with affiliate manager and jv brokers.

    For affiliate manager, mine didnt really perform
    well and I personally feel sales are not coming in.
    Sales must come in to make it worthwhile
    to pay an affiliate manager the monthly fee.

    Now if I were to choose again, I will work
    with JV brokers like my friends Reed Floren and Mike Merz.

    It costs less and it is performance-based
    meaning that it is commission based for the broker
    and some charge an initial fee.

    But most can deliver as they have a huge list
    of partners who have big lists and once you
    have built your list of paying customers, you
    can work on the next product to promote
    to your list as the backend product and make
    more money.

    If time is tight for you, hire some help
    to work on your:
    1. sales page
    2. jv invite page
    3. jv prize page for the jv contest
    4. product download page
    5. product optin page
    6. jv affiliate tools
    7. promo emails for your product

    My 2 cents,
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      Thanks for the mention, Ebbi (assuming the 'Mike' is me .. ), and the props, John.

      I don't think you can really go by standard definition when it comes to what well known Affiliate Managers, JV Managers, or JV Brokers do for their clients, individually.

      Generally ... it's often assumed that Affiliate Managers are on board for the long term, and may recruit, train, and notify affiliates in the employ of the merchant. Depending on the AM, they may for the most part simply relay the message of someone higher on the totem pole, or may actively have full control with little supervision.

      As mentioned earlier, is a great place to find an Affiliate Manager. You my also check for recent graduates of Anik Singal's

      Many folks fail to see the difference between basic 'affiliates' and 'JV partners', because the endorsed mailing form of Joint Venture we're used to participating in ... and the fact that we use Affiliate software to manage our relationships for both, make them appear to be one and the same. The major differences, IMHO, is that more often than not ... an Affiliate Program is offered by a merchant as an extension of their promotional endeavors in which they pay interested parties a commission or some other form of reward for their ability to make and retain sales. For the most part, this is an entirely automated function ... with little or no direct interaction, unless the Affiliate Partner has reached a status worthy of such. JV Partners, on the other hand, are one part of a 2 way relationship between the merchant and a JV partner, which can involve anything from brainstorming to product development, active participation within the project, in addition to endorsed mailings and other forms of promotion ... and usually includes future reciprocation. Though many of the notifications to the latter during a launch process are automated like that of the common Affillate ... they are most likely notified to participate in the venture on a one to one, individual basis (if not actually, during the invite process ... personal contact should occur via the JV Manager or Merchant before pre launch). A Major problem is that many Merchants that don't use a professional Affiliate/JV Manager or JV Broker fail to see the difference between common Affiliates and JV Partners ... and the latter wind up being not nearly as interested or productive as they could be.

      As far as the difference between a 'JV Manager' and a 'JV Broker' ... once again, it all depends on what they are offering. I believe a 'JV Manager' is generally an 'all purpose' launch time JV Partner Manager that usually has the ability to recruit, manage the relationship building process, control chosen 2nd Tier referral accounts with hand picked partners, and possibly author and send out automated notifications during the pre launch and launch process. JV Brokers generally serve the purpose of 'getting a foot in the door' for the JV Manager/Affiliate Manager and giving them a leg up in the relationship building process that will hopefully lead to the JV Partner not only into hitting the 'send' button during this launch ... but into an ever evolving relationship of mutual reward.

      Examples of Affiliate Managers that transcend into JV Partner relationship building - Stu McLaren (Armand Morin), Andy Hussong (John Reese), Brent Coppieters (Russell Brunson), David Radeloff (Anik Singal), and Joe Jablonski (Mike Filsaime).

      Examples of JV Brokers that will/have run a launch JV Program as well as broker it - Willie Crawford, Gina Gaudio-Graves (retired from active brokering), Marc Goldman (also retired, I believe), Ken McArthur, Mark Hendricks, Chris Rempel (retired?), Reed Floren, Sean McAlister, and Sohail Khan. There are also JV Brokers that have chosen toa specialize in a specific niche, such as Dr. Gregory Simpson (Health and Wellness). Dr. Simpson has worked with Willie (Crawford), and Willie, Gina, and Sohail offer a JV Broker Bootcamp which I highly recommend.

      I, personally, am pretty much solely a JV Broker (the last time I completely brokered and managed a launch was Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing launch in early 06') ... but I do offer regular JV Management and Product Launch consultation at no additional cost. Another difference from solely being a JV Broker as opposed to totally running the AP or launch is that I work entirely on my referral's commission on the 2nd Tier (and if 2 tier referring is allowed within the network, a % on the 3rd Tier for all 2nd Tier referred sales). Due to the way I work, I juggle more clients than a typical JV Manager, generally ... as they have to remain free to a certain extent to focus on individual launches, but they are paid across the board for all sales ... not just those made by their referrals.

      In addition ... graduates of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Management Bootcamp have been making the scene offering services that run the gamut from JV Management and relationship nurturing to running the whole product launch process - Brandon Fredrickson and Dennis Rosenberg are 2 I actively work with ... others can be found on this site - Jeff doesn't own a complete stranglehold on this market, as there are individuals like Harris Fellman, Rob Toth and David Bass that offer comparable services..

      Recap ...

      Affiliate Managers - Typically one way communication ... little real interaction with standard partners ... usually long term, generally paid salary and/or commission across the board. On the other hand, may be called Affiliate Managers, but actually perform as ...

      JV Managers - Usually responsible for recruiting, one on one interaction, relationship nurturing, either complete control or joint w/ Merchant/other High Level Associate of JV Management and notification during launch process. Typically paid for all partners sales ... whether they have recruited them, or not ... unless agreement is made with the Merchant to consider some 'In House'.

      JV Brokers - Can honestly replicate the job description and compensation requirements of all of the above, including running the entire launch ... but primary job is to bring partners into the system. Compensation for the latter in generally a % of referred partners sales (or flat fee per sale), only.

      Product Launch Managers - Usually offer a complete launch package that entails everything ... soup to nuts, generally at a package fee commensurate.

      Hope that answers some of your questions. If not, feel free to ask.


      Mike Merz
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    Thanks Mike for the detailed explanation.

    I am wondering which affiliate manager you can recommend
    for IM niche.

    Thanks alot.

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    Great repsonses here...

    I have been looking for a JV Broker / Manager for the past couple weeks outside the IM niche. It's been difficult so far. I have posted on all the major forums including yours Mike. I haven't gotten too much response.

    Any suggestions?
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      Originally Posted by traffictipsnow View Post

      Great repsonses here...

      I have been looking for a JV Broker / Manager for the past couple weeks outside the IM niche. It's been difficult so far. I have posted on all the major forums including yours Mike. I haven't gotten too much response.

      Any suggestions?
      Yeah, I remember you asking, Ryan ... which niche was that again?

      When JVNP is revamped in 2010, we'll be branching out into popular niche categories like Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Money and Investing, Self Improvement, etc., and polling the partnership to qualify upward trending niches for potential inclusion ... ongoing, but that and 50 cents won't get you a cup of coffee ... now.

      Get back to us with that niche, again, and perhaps another fellow Warrior can help ... I'll take another look at my rolodex, as well.


      Mike Merz
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    This is still good after years. Thanks.
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