OMG! I won my first Paypal chargeback!!!

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I have never been so happy over $200 in my entire life!!

This feels so great!

I was hosting this persons website and renewing their domain name for them for 3 years without payment(due to a bad billing system and my own negligence).

So after I discovered the person had gone 3 years without paying and had gotten 3 years worth of domain registration out of me, I immediately suspended the account.

I told them that I wouldn't unlock it until they paid up $200(reduced from $500). They paid up, and as soon as I unlocked the domain name they transferred it from me and issued the charge back.

This was roughly 3 months ago, and needless to say I was really pissed about it. 2 weeks after charge back, they voted in favor of the customer and took the money away from me.

To my surprise, just 2 hours ago I got the settlement reversed and am now $200 richer. I have no idea how this happened, especially since they voted in her favor at first.

I am so happy because I finally got to screw the person who screwed me.

AND it is the very first Paypal chargeback that I have ever won!

Just goes to show that you can actually win these things as a seller. I never believed it until this very day.

YES!!! Freaking love Paypal right now lol.
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    Sometimes you gotta fight people who screw you. Even if the dollar amount is small. I am 100% with you on this. Good job.
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      Originally Posted by Brad Gosse View Post


      Sometimes you gotta fight people who screw you. Even if the dollar amount is small. I am 100% with you on this. Good job.
      In all honesty, I gave up on fighting charge backs along time ago. I have had maybe 70 chargebacks over the course of 7 years of running my hosting business - most were fraudulent charges but about a dozen of them were people just trying to screw me over. I never won a single on of those which is why I am so surprised PP actually let me win a chargeback.

      What sucks the most is when people issue multiple chargebacks on a $4.99/m subscription going back 6 months.

      That is a loss of $30 + $150 worth of chargebacks!

      But all of my anger towards charge backs has been wiped clean now that I just won this recent case!

      I might be fighting these more often...
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    hehe... I have never heard of this hehe

    Great to here your story!

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    Score one for businesspeople who have PayPal! I've always thought they were a little biased toward the customers. Maybe more than a little. Good for you for winning that.
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