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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the newb question, but I couldn't find this asked previously in the search bar (if it is there and I just missed it because I didn't know the right terminology to search for, feel free to point me to the old thread). I was curious how you guys think about picking zip codes when you do geotargeting? I understand the mechanics of using them once I know which zips I want to advertise to, but for someone with an e-commerce business of a pretty value dense product, I'm don't need to just advertise to folks within 100 miles of me or whatever. I was curious what the best way to take my geotargeting to the next level (interested in both DIY solutions as well as paid services if that makes more sense).

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    I started geotargeting with a company called GeoFli, that allows you to geotarget your website/landing pages for visitors. So once a user clicks on a geotargeted ad(or organically) you have personalized content for them on your site. I have about 10 different locations that I tailor my site to.
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