Just about Finished Writing an Actual Book and Have No Idea How to Market It

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What's up people!
It's been a long time since I've been on here. I started on here back in the stone age of 2010 when I was trying to do affiliate marketing and writing e-articles to build links to my keyword....oh the good old days. :-) Anyway, I let that go because I got kind of bored with it and decided that I wanted to create my own material in the self improvement genre, since I have a passion for it. I went on to start a blog at The Viable Alternative

I didn't really start taking this blog seriously until Sept. 2014, when I started posting a blog once a week until 2016, when I fell off of that and started posting one YouTube video per week up till this day on various subjects related to self improvement. I've just about finished writing a book on Self Esteem and I'm at a bit of a loss on how to market this book because I'm not well known. I only have 42 subscribers on my YouTube channel and I don't have an email capture page on my web site.

What steps do I take?

Do I create a free e-book and en email capture page that offers the e-book for free to start building my email list?

How do I get my blog out there to attract more readers and build my email list?

Do I seek to be on podcasts that where I talk about my book?

My goal is to genuinely give value so I can start attracting money. I even plan to launch my own men's underwear line and t-shirts that connects to my message, since I'm a model as well. I want to inspire people with my spoken and written word that they can build their own, but this is a little bit further down the line. In the meantime, I want to know the best way to market my book.

Any suggestions would be more appreciated.
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      Hey, thanks for your response. It took a lot of thinking to determine my target market. I just inboxed you to let you know my thoughts.
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    Write a small related eBook that you can upload to Kindle and offer for FREE.

    Put a freebie download inside that book "As a bonus for reading this book I have a special FREE download for you" toward the front of the book so people can access the link just by using the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon. That way, they don't even have to download to Kindle to get the bonus.

    The link takes them to an opt-in page on your website. Promote through emails.

    This means that you'll have to have...

    1. Your book
    2. A bonus downloadable ebook (or video, or whatever) to use as the bonus lead magnet
    3. A short free Kindle book with a link to a freebie
    4. An opt-in page
    5. An email series promoting your book.

    That's one way to promote it.
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    Thanks very much. My question is what would be the difference between the bonus downloadable ebook and the short free Kindle book with a link to a freebie?
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    Next time dont create the product first. First find the niche who's looking for something, and then supply/solve it. If you can find reasonably places on the internet to advertising for "self-help" information, then do it. But you can't force yourself on a people who doesn't want your product. Consider Bing Ads and Adwords - and also consider Yahoo Gemini. Do you have a mobile/tablet/kindle version of your book created?

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      Thanks for your reply. No I don't have a kindle version yet. I'm at the point where I'm putting the finishing touches on the acknowledgments at the end of the book and looking for an editor.
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    You have to make an e-book and target the niche audience. What is the book about? Its about self esteem and it is a broad topic. You can look at various categories of people for whom your book will be of greatest use. You must specifically target your potential readers and group them. Make a free e-book and promote it targetting these select groups separately on social media with your thoughts and ideas and how the e-book will benefit the group. This may not necessarily be about your book wholly but it is essentially what the free e-book and your blog has got to offer. Through the free e-book you can promote your actually work.

    People will get to know you as a personality, your ideas and viewpoints. Just reach out to them constantly but correctly through active participation in social media, your youtube channel etc., that your book will help them and they can find solutions to their problems. Talk about the contents or topics related to your book that benefits them. When they opt-in they will receive your free e-book and be a member of your blog. Gradually you can promote your book further through personalized e-mails, blog etc.
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      Hey, thanks for your response. I intuitively figured out the next step would be to create a free e-book available by opt-in that will inspire readers about their potential but leave them with questions as to how to go deeper to get over their blocks - enter my book as an answer to their deeper questions.
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