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I recently suffered the loss of a loved one.

And sure, while it hurt and was painful to deal with for a while,
my main focus was making sure my 10 year old son was okay.

After all, I was really unsure how he was going to "process"
this death, and deal with it... since he hadn't really done it before.

So one of my first stops?


I started looking (and buying) several top rated books
on helping kids deal with death.

While swiping through the book choices on Amazon,
I realized at that moment, I probably would have spent any
amount of money on books to help my son get through
his grief.

I would have spent hundreds, possibly thousands of
dollars on anything that would help my son avoid
pain and heartache.

That's when I remembered how the "marketer"
in me tries to do the same thing....

"Help people get out of pain, heartache, or suffering".

Because when I do that, I'm much more likely to
create good products that actually help people.

Remember, as online marketers, we're really more

We try to align our products and services with the
people who need them most.

That's why I spend more time focusing on the
areas that REALLY cause people to stay awake at night...
fearful, anxious, heartbroken, in pain, or anything else
that takes away their problem.

I want to offer them a solution that helps them get
out of that problem and the heartbreak it causes.

It's why I often stick with niches like relationships...
because people will often pay a LOT to save their

They will buy programs on getting their exes back.

Same with improving performance in the bedroom.

Some of my top selling sales letters had to do with
helping men regain their "abilities" in the bedroom.

I've had huge success with weight loss and helping
overweight and obese people to lose weight.

I've had luck with selling programs that have to do
with helping people with diabetes, heartburn, and
other quality of life issues.

Again, to get out of pain, whether it's emotional
or physical pain, people will spend more money
than if they are not that bothered by something.

If you want to improve the odds of you making sales
online, aim for working in the niches where people
will spend a lot of money to get out of heartbreak,
pain, and suffering.

Help them get back to more peace of mind, comfort,
and happiness... sell them programs you KNOW will
improve their sense of well being.

Not only will you be more profitable, you're also
helping them move away from pain and towards
happiness, or at least more comfort.

As marketers, when you can play matchmaker
and find those folks who are really suffering, for
whatever reason, and you can point them in a
direction that will HELP them get out of that pain...

You can really have a lasting and beneficial impact
on them, as well as make more money for yourself.

That's why it never makes sense to just chase after

If you're able to look for markets where people are
REALLY hurting... and you give them a solution,
believe me, the money will follow.

I've seen it just this past week, where a funnel
I wrote for a client was one of the most profitable
I had ever seen.

It was helping people to save their marriage
and not get a divorce.

That's a HUGELY painful issue people will
spend money to fix, or at least reduce some
of that pain.

So, think in terms of "how can I help people
who are really suffering"... do that and believe me,
the money WILL follow.
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    So, think in terms of "how can I help people
    who are really suffering"
    ... do that and believe me,
    the money WILL follow.
    I usually sell them some weed.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Shawn, I get where you are coming from.

    Personally, I prefer to work the other side of the coin.

    Having watched (and experienced) the high, sans weed, of conquering a challenge or beating a personal best in a passion niche, I simply enjoy that more than what you describe.

    I can't find the clip on YT right now, but there's a scene in the movie "Tin Cup" where Rene Russo's character is adorned with an assortment of gimmick training aids and such in an effort to improve her game.

    Helping people gain more pleasure or satisfaction from their passions works well, too.

    Good post...
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    Originally Posted by shawnlebrun View Post

    So, think in terms of "how can I help people who are really suffering"... do that and believe me, the money WILL follow.
    Does this apply to people who sell porn successfully to married women?
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    I wish it were that simple

    NEEDING something is different from actually wanting to BUY a SPECIFIC solution for it

    This is usually where the LKT system and the Rule of 7 come in...
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    Here's a list...There are many out there.
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    Popular Ecommerce Niches Online are
    1. Fitness and Weight Loss
    2. Health
    3. Dating and Relationships
    4. Pets
    5. Self-Improvement
    6. Wealth Building Through Investing
    7. Make Money on the Internet
    8. Beauty Treatments
    9. Gadgets and Technology
    10. Personal Finance
    These are most selling niches on internet.
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    I prefer Technology is the most selling niche and you can expect high profit margin as compared to all the other niches.. selling B2B products can full your pockets
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    Now online shopping is a trends, everyone has lack of time and they wants to save money and time both. My friend started online battery portal (BatteryBhai) since 4-5 yea ago. Now it become the no.1 choice of India peoples. So for earning well, sell products online.
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    good approach, good post. "Death niche" (not even sure how to even frame this category) is quite outside of everything, I didn't even know such books existed tbh.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve B
    Originally Posted by shawnlebrun View Post

    If you're able to look for markets where people are REALLY hurting... and you give them a solution,
    believe me, the money will follow.


    Excellent advice. When you think about it, there really are a lot of areas in a person's life where "hurting" and pain are common. All of these areas should provide lots of opportunity for personal pain:
    • Any specific and critical personal health problem
    • Eating disorders
    • Self Esteem
    • Weight Loss
    • Beauty
    • Lack of fitness
    • Time management and stress
    • Dating
    • Friendships
    • Marriage and divorce
    • Lack of education or specific topical deficiencies
    • Testing and exams
    • Death, wills, end-of-life issues, loss of spouse
    • Parenting issues (yes, these can be quite painful)
    • Employment
    • Money management and investing
    • Debt
    • Starting or running a business
    • Lack of specific skills that are needed (writing, music, sports, etc)
    • Tax issues
    • Retirement
    That's just off the top of my head. No doubt, there are many more.

    Here's the thing: none of the above are what I would call niches - these are all extensive marketplaces and probably too broad for a newbie or solo operator to tackle. Each of these marketplaces has hundreds or thousands of potential niches with thousands of interested people in every one!

    People that claim they can't find a good niche just aren't applying the right mindset to their searching.

    Thanks again Shawn for the thread.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You can find profitable niches at flippa.
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