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I'm taking part in Product Launch. I want to ask that when I promote the bonuses for customers when they buy product from my site, do I really need to say the price of bonuses for the customers?
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    Yes. It helps to create a "value chasm" when compared to the actual price of your product. The more value they perceive in your bonuses, the more value they will perceive for the actual cost of your product.
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    It's best to let people know exactly what they will get.

    Telling people the price of your bonuses is something you can test but it's pretty common practice across the board to list each bonus and it's regular cost. You want people to perceive value in your bonuses for maximum impact.

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    No, You don't need to say the price of the bonuses.

    I've just launch my first product on W+ as well, and i did not list the price of each bonus.

    Still ok my friend
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      So could you tell me how many people buy your product through your website.
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    In my opinion, you need to let your customers know what they will get when they avail it. It can affect on how people will view your product.

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