What is domain parking & how can I benefit from it?

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Recently I heard of the term DOMAIN PARKING. Would anyone plz explain in details the benefits of it?
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    There are many scenarios in which you could benefit from it. Domain parking, will protect a domain name you like or plan to use for a future business from being purchased by someone else.

    If you have a business with a unique name, domain parking can help you purchase any variation of that name so your competitors can't. Buying variants of your name, including those with typos, could save you trouble in the future by helping you avoid dealing with hagglers either knocking your brand, or deliberately misdirecting your customers to a site with an extremely similar name.

    Since it's very hard to predict if or when a domain name might be taken, it might be worth purchasing proactively so you don't risk losing any domain name that could be associated with your business or brand.
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    There are actually a number of ways where you can earn in domain parking. When a user types your domain. He is directed to your page which has advertisements and links and when he clicks on that link or ad, the owner of that website will pay for that "parking fee" to the parking company and that parking company will be sharing that revenue to you.

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    It can be a very PASSIVE WAY to earn online


    Buy expired domains with PROVEN traffic and park the domain

    Since the domain has so many LIVE backlinks and/or is such a solid social media brand, it can continue to attract traffic

    The traffic comes, goes to a parked domain ad page. if they click anything, you make money.

    The better way to BANK off such expired domains is to sell CUSTOM niche-focused traffic.
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    Tip: instead of registering/ buying the domain and parking it on your typical ad page, redirect it to a relevant affiliate offer. Better targeting and profit potential.



    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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