What the heck happened? I got a paycheck?

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I was checking my stats for my site and I saw something strange, a notation of search engine traffic. It said MSN and I clicked on it and went to Bing. So I thought what the heck, I typed in my main key word and nearly fainted. My site is number two in Bing.

Obviously there isn't a great deal of traffic for that term, at least to my site, but I am getting a little bit from Bing. Didn't see any revenue to my Adsense account though, so I decided to check Clickbank just for kicks. Haven't had any income there recently, but for some reason I did get a paycheck, or at least I will on 10/14/2009 according to what I saw. Not ready to retire yet as it is only $84 for stuff that I have sold long ago. I wasn't aware that I had met the minimum criteria for pay out, but I contacted them recently to find out why my account was in some kind of suspend status, and they corrected it, so I guess that is why I was not getting the money I had earned. Unfortunatly they have been docking me every week so my amount is a lot less than it was.

If this post doesn't sound too excited at getting a paycheck, sorry for that. It will be nice to get it. This all does give me hope though. I did a little back linking and got myself ranked in Bing. Maybe I can get myself listed in Google in the near future. I guess what I have been doing is working. I just need to do more of it. I am working on a new site, and plan to follow the same course of action. I might even get this internet marketing figured out soon.

Anyway, just a little good news and I wanted to share it. Thanks for everyone's help here at the Warrior Forum. I could have never done this without the information I have got here.
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    Congratulations, and thanks for posting some good news. I like to read about everyone's successes. They give me something to think back on when I run into roadblocks in my life, 'ya know?
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      I found out that I earned $4 this year through Amazon, didn't have a clue about that one.

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    Congrats. Slow but sure wins the race!
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