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Two years ago I bought a camera, I learned to take pictures very quickly.
After 3 months I quit my job and earned money only for photography.
I want to write an e-book, in which I will describe my learning process, I will describe how I got jobs, I will show how to easily take good photos.
I would like to ask you about your opinion, can anyone interesting in this topic?
If the topic is interesting how to promote, to be successful?
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    Hi, Michal. I think there are people who will be interested in that topic. Just make sure that your ebook is well-written that they will be informed and entertained.

    In regards, to promoting it. If you got the money, you can do paid ads with it. You can also reach out to your audience and join groups in order to interact with your prospective readers.

    First 100 Subscribers Only: LIFETIME 50% DISCOUNT on Content Writing
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    VideoBook is much better than an eBook. You can also sell it via udemy and skillshare if you like. Just make sure you have at least 2 version. Basic version for lower price and advance version for higher price. And promote yourself using video with your own channel on Youtube.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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    • Thank you! It's a good idea to also make a video, but in this case I want to show my photos and give a recipe how to do that.
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    Hi! Yes, there's a lot of people who are interested in photography. As for promoting it, content should be interesting to read and should show samples of the photos that you make money from. Also if I may add, creating video clips of how you take excellent shots will help. You will need to create traffic to your site. If ever you need help with that, you can find excellent workers at Onlinejobs.
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    Hi Michal,

    Yes this is a good idea. Make use of the google keyword tool to see what people are searching for in your chosen niche. If you cater for what people are searching for, your product will be better placed. I do lots of written work, and I personally find it easy to document the table of contents, and then fill out your sections later.

    This can be the start of your story board. Take inspiration from others online, other books, your own knowledge. I see some replies talk about video. Why not combine both. You can easily do video, just short clips. You then just need to get a website created and build traffic from a variety of places. Remember, you can have the best product, but if nobody sees it, it will not sell.

    Take time to understand how you plan to market your product, as this is often more important than the content of the book!. Give quality content to your readers, and word will spread about your product. All the best.

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    • Thank you for good advice! I love to write about photography and share knowledge, I have my own website, but I'm scared by the marketing side
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    • Thank you! I will check everything. In my ebook I want to tell you how to quickly learn photography and how to make money on photography. Taking good photos is important as making money
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    I'm very interested in your topic, I think there will be a lot of people like me. You can share your e-book on social media to interact with target audience or pay for ads on facebook, google.
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    • I will listen to this advice. When I finish writing ebook, I will take care of the promotion you recommend
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    Yes, i think this will be a great niche for an ebook. you can outsource your ebook to a professional writer ...give them the outline of what you want to include in your book and then the writer will write it for you.
    Also make sure to have a professionally made cover for your ebook. As the cover will sell the book. You can find professional writers and graphic designers on

    I assume you want to write this ebook to help people and at the same time earn income. How about growing your audience by using's and example of a person in the photography niche

    Since Youtube is the way to go for 2018...there is also a ''youtube course ''called tube tycoon with Dan Brock

    Btw, I'm not getting any commission promoting Dan, i think he has some great resources which can help you.
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    • Thanks for the advice.
      I will give away the ebook for corrections to copywriter.
      I want to be sure that ebook will be very honest, so i will write it by myself.
      The cover is a good topic.
      I want to cover looked nice and contained information which is in the eBook
      Interesting video.
      Unfortunately, youtube is not for me. I feel weird saying to the camera
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    Better you simply make a video, explaining that u give away 5 tips and then promote it in exchange for the mail of the users.

    So you build a list, which is the first step to sell your coaching, ebook, etc.
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    Sure, try it. Sounds like an interesting topic. I know a few people personally in my small hometown who are into photography. This is something that they would like to know. It's good to get into the ebook game.
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  • Profile picture of the author Faris Kayal
    Hey Michal,

    Congrats! Not many people are lucky enough to turn their passion into money, so here comes the first eBook:
    Photography - Get Paid for Your Passion

    The title though is not the most crucial thing here...
    Promoting your work and yourself by eBook is a great idea. Promoting the eBook is another thing. The internet is drown with information on literally everything imaginable..Make sure that your writing is easy to read, enjoyable, funny wouldn't hurt, informative and well written

    Here are some ideas for your eBooks:
    1. A story behind one of your photographs
    2. Day and Night photography
    3. What photography have taught me
    4. What others think of my photography and does it matter?
    5. Photography - what society think I do
    6. If you are a starting photographer don't forget those 3 things
    7. How to reach your photography goals?
    8. 10 Habits that can hurt your photography career

    Additionally, you asked how to promote those eBooks and in my experience the best ways are:

    Hope it helps
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    • Omg! Thank you Faris. You sound like super expert and your advice was very helpful
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    Absolutely - proven topic, the key will be how you differentiate (what makes YOUR system work), how well you promote and even how you see your business...

    What I mean by the last point is that most ebook-only products today are basically sold/given away at little to no margin - meaning it may take you $5-$10 to acquire a customer using ads or promotions and so having a back-end (video course, coaching program, membership site, or even product bundle) will allow you to both scale (through ads and promotions) as well as bring in a solid margin - that's where the secret to real digital product growth is.

    An example, perhaps you can augment your strategy (outlined in ebook) with interviews from 3-4 others who are making money with their camera's and bundle that as an upsell OR you can go deep on your strategy with a 30-day coaching program you sell for $99 or $197 to help walk your most eager customers through the process...
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    • You are absolutely right. I love your ideas especially about interviews but for me this is material for second eBook :-) I'm not good at the video. I succeeded - I quit my job, I earn only on photography. I care about a reliable give knowledge to other people. First, I want to be honest. I'm not a mentor. I'm ordinary man who work 8 houres per day like other people. I had enough of this. I had to change something. Meaby coaching or video is a good strategy for the future
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    You can Wright all about your experience and exactly how you where successful in your trade, make sure to find products that are directly related to the industry that you can post affiliate links back to from the Ebook. Make sure they are products that are directly related to what the consumer will be interested in i.e., camera coupons, film development suggestions, you could also go as far as suggesting locations with great landscapes to take pictures at and put in affiliate travel suggestions etc...
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    • Thank you for the advice. I will definitely describe step by step my thought process and my experience. I will give specific examples. I will honestly say that I will not speak about the subject landscapes. In my opinion, you can't earn fast on landscape photography. The idea is how to learn quickly and how to make money quickly and on what
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  • I don't understand this kindle autopilot it is sound like scam/fake. Does it work?
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    You can definitely sell a product on how you went from working a 9-5 to making a full-time income as a photographer. If I was in your situation I would research the niche and see what products are out there and figure out a way to make your product better and/or different from the competition.

    As far as promotion goes I would setup a simple funnel where you have a squeeze page, with a quick giveaway report, then sell an ebook, for $9.95 or $17 and upsell video course for $47. I would figure out where your target audience hangs out and market to them. Facebook is always a great place to start and you also can't go wrong with youtube video marketing.
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    Michal, If you plan on writing your book in English, I would strongly recommend either getting somebody else to help you write it or, at the very least, get a good editor who will give your material the polish it needs.

    I am NOT suggesting this because I do all that I have mentioned but just because I can see the way you write and it tells me English isn't your first language. There's nothing wrong with that but at least consider my ideas, regardless of who you hire. There are plenty of great warriors in this forum.

    Good luck!

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    • Of course. You are absolutely right.
      I am planning to hire someone to help
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    There are definitely people interested in that topic.

    Find forums and magazines that these people read and see what their problems and pains are.

    Then write your ebook about these topics.
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