Check out my sites please all in two weeks work!

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Since I started here last Sept. 4, 08 I was able to do the following:

Some of them will still be for improvement or shall I say evolution.

1. Lose Weight Forever
3. Self Improvement

Whew...Man its pretty tiring..I hope the cash comes pouring soon..

Now am I a warrior or what?

Thank you all!


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    A huge kudos for you to have done what seems to be a pretty nifty job in 14 days! - good for you !

    If i could just say a couple of things though......

    I just briefly scanned over them very quickly, so my observations aren't anything in-depth.

    Of the 3 sites...

    the weight loss site - all the photos on there, would never give me any idea that your site has anything to do with weight-loss.

    - I find the text extreeeeeemely small and hard to read.
    - if i saw the photo of the foxy girl just standing there undoing her belt, i would think the site is about 'another' business (if you know what I mean) 'not' weight loss.

    - i really like the look and feel of the Cafe site. very warm, professional looking, easy on the eyes.

    - I'm on the fence about the Personal Development site. I didn't spend much time on it, but it seems to be missing 'something', but not sure what? Perhaps a little bit more 'life'?
    It looks a little bland.

    However overall, for punching that out in 2 weeks, hey, a big congrats!

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    Everything looks very nice however if you expect to be taken
    seriously you must register domains. Even with just a free blog,
    you can redirect domain names to your blogs until you setup
    something more permanent.
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    Yep your a warrior

    Agree with monetize, you need to be using our own hosting,
    I can never understand why anyone uses blogger for serious sites. They shut em down with no appeal if they don't like what your doing.

    Get yourself a cheap multidomain account (we do em for $10 a month, or zoom is pretty good)

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    Gee Thanks! Thanks a lot :-)

    The weight loss site was my first...
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