I need advices and ideas how to turn my passion into a buisness.

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Hello guys,

I'm really possionate about personal (Self) develepment. I want to turn that passion into a buisness.
I started to develop a facebook page. My idea is to develop that page, I've invested like 30$ and I have around 1100 likes. People seem to really like my stuff, I got few msgs and a lot of shares, etc. But I don't know how to really turn that into a buisness. My plan basically is to develop that fb page, 100k likes for example and start to develop my instagram profile.
I'm thinking about a site. Probably clickfunnels to start email marketing or something, also thinking about youtube channel but it's quite hard bacause I'm bulgarian and that would be very hard to grow that channel. I don't really want to start a video blog, my idea is to create motivational videos in that channel because there are not those kind of videos in bulgarian.
There is only 1 person atm , who is famous around that niche, so there is no really competition.
He is like tonny robbins, making live seminars, etc you know.

How do you think should I proceed? Start the site immediately? Providing a good value and only giving value and just wait to grow and then to think how to make money of it or I should think about that now?
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    It looks like you have a clear understanding of how to proceed.
    Do you need an exclusive video product?
    Graphics Design - Motion Graphics - 2D & 3D Animation - Video Editing - Color Grading - Logo Animation - etc
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    I think you got it already planned out and your plan is already fine. Just always remember the basic SEO rules and you are good to go. Good luck on your venture!

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    1) You have a good start. Your strategy of focusing on a small market (the Bulgarian market) where you have little competition is excellent.

    2) Carefully study the best English language websites (international market) in your field: traffic sources, website design and content, monetization strategies. Ask yourself how you could adapt this to your own personality and your own market (Bulgaria)

    3) Create your own website. This will give a note of professionalism to your adventure and will be a good base for affiliate programs, build your email list, and then sell your own products.

    4) In the beginning, you can put Click Bank affiliate banners (Click Bank / Category / Self-Help) about self-help, psychology and motivation on your site and earn commissions. But as soon as you can, create and sell your own products: books, videos, etc ... This is where the money really lies.

    5) Good luck!
    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
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    1. Focus on building your list right out of the gate.

    2. Direct all traffic to your squeeze page.

    3. Start introducing offers.

    4. Stay focused and consistent.
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    Thank you guys. Now I'm reading circle of profit by Anik. It seems like exactly what I needed. The biggest struggle into my eyes seems to be the people and the products for the affilate program when I build my email list. I'm not really sure how I'm going to find them but I guess with time I'll find a way.
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  • Try selling an easy $7 ebook in the self development niche to see if the niche is responsive to your offers. Plus you'll get to learn where they hangout online, how to engage with them, and how to find out exactly what they're looking for. Then you could create an authority site... if you want to in this HUGE "generic" niche. Good luck.
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  • You've already got the right idea where to go. It's up to you to perform the execution properly. When you've got the medium and the audience down, work on improving the content you have.

    The better your content gets the easier it is to maintain your business in the long run.
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    I would suggest you begin to segment your audience around wants/desires (what do they want to improve about themselves and more important - why and where do they want to be in 30, 60 or 90 days)

    Once you have a few segments identified, test some affiliate products to see which ones attract more buyers...it will take some time to get the list/funnel/product combination right - but when you do you really have the basis of a solid online business

    All this time, you ideally want to get to a place where you create your own products - so all of this is really testing the waters in prep to enter the market yourself, that's where the real leverage and profit comes in.
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    Why don't you setup an email opt in page and get people's email in exchange for an ebook that you write about the topic?

    That way you'll see the response that you get and also the people that are interested in your topic.

    You can send affiliate offers as you're building your product and then transition into that once it's done.
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    I think you've already got a pretty good plan, actually. The execution will be the deciding factor now. Yes, it would be a good idea to get yourself a website (and don't forget about SEO!). If you don't have web development skills you could outsource it, preferably to someone who speaks the same language you do to make communication easier.

    I'm a little curious, though: Are you planning to target Bulgarians only or will you be going for an international audience in the future? This way you can have your website in different languages.
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    I think your questions is:
    -Do you start trying to make money off your audience now, or focus on just growing it.
    Is that right?
    If so, there is no reason for you not to start making money from your audience IF you have something valuable for them.
    For example, if inside of you, you have the capacity to write an amazing book, or a video training course that people WANT and will improve their lives, then produce that book/course and have it ready to buy.
    Then grow your audience further and further and see if they will buy your product.

    In my opinion, while you're growing your audience you SHOULD also be working on the product you want to sell to them. Both process need to happen in parallel.
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