Affiliate Offers that have Pre-Made Landing Pages?

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I recently found an offer that seems like a good opportunity in the gambling vertical.

The landing page and a fake-news pre sell page is already made, so it seems like the only thing to do is get traffic for the product.

I have my doubts on this because I am new to this space and it seems too easy that the presell page and landing page are already made.

What is your opinion on this offer?

Good deal or a waste of time?
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    What is your opinion on this offer?
    Haven't seen an offer, but yeah, man you should totally go for the fake news shit. For reals!

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    Fake news sites are misleading and annoying. However I don't know how well it converts.

    I personally wouldn't risk my traffic on them.

    On top of this...they aren't to targeted since real people will click on the links for real news.

    So since the landing page is geared towards news, when most people click on a link to read more but end up being sold something else, most will leave the site.

    Successful Marketing comes down to a 'process'. Are you going through the full process? Have you even started?

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  • How much is the commission? Is it monthly commission or a large 1-time commission payout?

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    When I say fake news I should be more specific. It is a sensationalized headline about the vertical.

    It is either a 1 time payout or 1 time payout plus monthly commissions btw.

    I have decided to not use it and build something myself.

    But literally EVERYTHING was pre made. Banners, emails, landing pages, everything.

    Too sketchy and product has a terrible rap already. You guys have probably heard of it but it was new to me as of yesterday.

    The product is Lottery Dominator by Richard Lustig. Looked like the remade pages might convert well but there are too many bad reviews for me to feel good about selling it
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      Originally Posted by postjoshua98 View Post

      The product is Lottery Dominator by Richard Lustig. Looked like the remade pages might convert well but there are too many bad reviews for me to feel good about selling it
      Why don't you buy it yourself and see if it is any good or not.


      It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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        Yes I agree if you buy and test it yourself. Then you make a review of the product.
        Sometimes 1 good review can make 10 person buy. depending on how you are reviewing it.

        Plus, if you realize it some people such as those in WA are making a fake review about other products because they want to get sells. So my point is check the review whether it is a real review or a fake review.

        If the person reviewing it telling that product is bad and then they are promoting their product, that review is a load of craps.
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    I don't think that anyone who makes a part time or full time income online uses pre made resources. The main problem is that they are not unique. Many other affiliate marketers use them as well and the potential buyers have seen them again.

    If you want to promote this product, build your own landing page, email series, ads etc.
    Check my affiliate marketing guide.
    I have published it for free on my site. If you need any help, contact me.
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    That's a great idea... Saves lots of time...
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