What to do with a 20,000 member FB dating group

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I own a 20,000 member facebook dating group and am struggling to monetize it. Every CJ affiliate scheme I try and join rejects me.

Any other people have some advice?
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    You could promote CPA dating offers and then pin the post so its at the top of the group. Go to http://www.offervault.com and type in dating and it will show offers.

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    Question: What is the reason you are being declined at affiliate networks.

    Look into friendfinder.com they are usually pretty good and I have made some decent money with them. In Fact back in the 90's I got my first affiliate check from them and it was $120.00


    It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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    Originally Posted by Lee Rees View Post


    I own a 20,000 member facebook dating group and am struggling to monetize it. Every CJ affiliate scheme I try and join rejects me.

    Any other people have some advice?
    I'm in dating. Among other things.

    What you have (a 20K FB group) is a license to print money.

    You won't make a fortune from a 20K group, though. You also need to do a few things.

    First, let's consider what you need to do.

    You have a few jobs. You can begin earning today from that group. But the money you earn will pale next to the money you should be earning.

    Your primary concern right now is not earning money. You have 10 fairly basic tasks and 9 of them take precedence over monetization.

    1. No Direct-Linking (this is likely why CJ has declined you).
    2. No hard monetization.
    3. Know the difference between real people and spammers.
    4. Clean out the spam (they're traffic leaks and hurt growth).
    5. Begin a program of adding valuable and sharable media.
    6. Focus on growth more than monetization.
    7. Collect your audience (email list and external social properties).
    8. Increase member-engagement.
    9. Infuse a strong brand.
    10.If you haven't already, setup a website and your other social platforms.

    Each of the 10 items above are vital and it would take me a month or more to properly expand on them, so consider all of what I'm saying here a jumping off point for further research and work.

    That said, let me just draw attention to 3 areas of importance.

    Important #1. Do you have beautiful ladies posting their beautiful pictures and making "add me" requests (or similar)? If they look too good to be true, they will be. If you're keen, briefly examine their profiles. If not, just examine their name and picture and judge whether their syntax is a close match to other "ladies" posting in your group. You're going to have a lot of spammers using your group to build chat traffic leads. You need to stamp out the practice, otherwise your members are taking action on dating and cam offers (etc) instead of your own requests (to engage offers, to engage media, to engage email list, to engage your other socials). Traffic leaks. You'll also have peed off members (when they discover the fake ladies) and this will impact how they perceive your group and engage your media.

    Important #2. Do not direct link. For a start, aff' networks will either can you or not accept you in the first place. There are a few that WILL accept you but, trust me, you don't want to work with them. Work with reputable networks (like CJ and others similar) who won't shave you or use any other negative practices. Going back to linking. You need to be feeding that group valuable and sharable media. You don't want to be hitting them with links and requests to join dating sites or buy e-book courses or pay for dating coaching, or any of a hundred other offers you can slam at them. Get yourself a decent blog. Make sure it IS decent or else you won't be taken seriously (will hurt conversions and growth and everything else). Use that blog to share posts of HIGH VALUE that are HIGHLY SHARABLE. (I hope the group is public so members can share.) Your sole monetization should only ever come from those posts.

    Important #3. 20K is nice but not big for a dating property. Don't look at your group as a place to make money - not yet. Look at that group as a TOOL to GROW your other properties. You need socials beyond FB and you need a page. Use this group to grow them. Use this group to SEED your media (to help set off the viral reaction) and use that media to draw new members to the group and new followers to your other platforms. Learn the tricks to leverage those numbers (20K) to grow the group. (There's only so much I'm going to say in a forum post.) Think less about earning from those members. Think more about growing your platforms (the group included) and COLLECTING that audience so you can continue to engage them well into the future. Protect your business. You don't own that group; FB does. Prepare now. Don't let FB either take it away or change their infrastructure to hurt your bottom line.

    Ignore PMs and requests to do business due to this thread.

    You're going to receive private messages and you'll have people in this thread asking you to contact them (which is a way around local spam rules). Ignore them. You don't need them. They need you more than you need them. You have a nice little property but (in dating) it's nothing more than the start. You need to protect it and grow it and use it as the basis to develop a real business. Those people wishing to contact you will only (probably) hurt that business. People who can really help you will not even bother (for a second) to do business with you. We don't need to because we have more properties and bigger properties and doing business with someone means letting that person know HOW we do business (and you don't share that kind of information very readily).

    A few extra ideas before TA heads off for breakfast.

    These are some monetization ideas. There are others, though. Look at what your competition is doing (emulate) and get creative (learn to understand what your audience wants - and give it to them).

    All of these monetizations need to be included in blog posts (never direct-link):

    1. PPL, PPS, and Rev-Share affiliate offers.
    2. Dating Courses.
    3. Video Coaching.
    4. Your own digital products.

    Decent PPL dating offers (free) will pay between $5 and $15. You can earn anywhere (on average) from $25 to $100 from PPS (paid). Rev-Share is usually a 50-50 commission split but only use this option on top--level dating sites with a strong community infrastructure; you need your referred members to stay for around 3 months.

    Use the above as a guide. It's a public forum so I'm leaving a lot out, but I've also included a great deal that you wouldn't usually get in a thread. Use it, matey.



    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic
    Learn one way I earn money: I give away free stuff.

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    Guys, I am truly overwhelmed by the amount of helpful replies here especially from Tom, just wow. You've really helped me out and I will definitely take my time to go through it.
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    Here's how I would monetize your group

    1) Get a squeeze page going

    2) Sign up as many of your members to your list

    3) Hit them with SELF-IMPROVEMENT books TIED to dating programs

    These books should be LOW FRICTION ie., $1 each. The real money (to the tune of up to $200+ per pop) are the dating programs they push
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    Tom gave you the blueprint for sure.

    I'd just add that as someone with experience in the dating/seduction niche you're going to have problems with all but the most Pick up artisty/penis pills offers.

    Once you clean it up I'd find some more X rated offers and run a survey with things like

    "What is most important to you right now?"

    And some options like "Last longer in bed", "Meet more women," "Have successful relationships." "Get laid More" and from there you'll have an idea of what they want and you can start doing some offers.
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    Grab those emails if you haven't yet. Use 'em to make a lookalike audience and grow that group. That's something I'd definitely do since you don't really own that audience, FB does. Unless you got all those emails though!

    Hope this helps
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  • You can use that group to crowdsource and have polls on what people want and are looking for in a dating product.

    Use the feedback you get to move forward.
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    That's a great insight from Tom.

    If I would add up, I'll do this additional thing since your are into dating

    1. Make a Facebook Page and Brand it
    2. Connect your group with your page
    3. Build a Dating Site (your own version dating site)
    4. Update your page with your dating site updates.

    At some point when your dating site is big enough then start making it into a membership site. But Like FB, make it free. Earn with PPC/PPM Ads also of course with affiliate product.

    You should know that pulling people out from FB require trust and big amount of time investment. But if you are providing good services and information that should be good.
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    Level up your game. You can sell dating courses, or team up with an app developer and maybe create an interesting dating app for your group. You can sell dating related items. Limitless possibilities for that page.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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  • You need repetitive contact with your FB group. The simplest way would be to offer some free training tied to an autoresponder, then pitch your affiliate offer via email marketing. Offer a free offer to your FB group, and begin with them as your first base of leads who are *really* interested in changing their dating life.

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    Product: [Quality]Women's Health, Fitness & Natural Wellness 200 Pcs. PLR Pack
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  • Why be an affiliate? Why not make your own training course and upsell to personal coaching. People are scared to make a membership site and training because they think it's that hard. I have a training course of how to get ours out there plus a template to work of. Search 'Learn Apply Win' on Facebook
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    Promote CPA dating offers... Check maxbounty.
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    Build an email list one way or the other.

    I would try to create NEW content each week that is designed to siphon the end user's email address.

    Either generate a ton of lead magnets, and promote a new one each week, or start doing webinars each and every week.

    Pin your new weekly content to the top of the board.

    Webinars sound interesting for this niche...

    You could start running webinars every week that teach awesome topics that your end users are interested in.

    (What kind of topics? You can think of many. How to find the perfect date, how to pick up women, how to find the perfect guy, the top 10 perfect dating ideas, the best dating idea on a budget, the top 3 best dating apps, et cetera).

    At the end, promote a cool affiliate offer in your niche. (There are so many ridiculously awesome dating offers that you could promote, lol).

    Provide breathtaking bonuses to anyone who takes action.

    Make your bonus expire in XYZ hours.

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    Create an account on Clickbank and find some relevant programs.

    Then build a website and hire someone to write a post per week. You add some affiliate links on the posts and share them to your FB page.

    You will need a privacy policy page, an affiliate disclosure and an about page. Then, add the posts.

    Affiliate marketing is simple!
    Check my affiliate marketing guide.
    I have published it for free on my site. If you need any help, contact me.
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    Do you have a website?
    I find Facebook pages and groups work better if you direct them to a website first.
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    It's valentine season. Try to promote Valentine gifts from Amazon, subtly!
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    I think a number of groups would pay to post on that. WHilst 20k might not be that high it's a good niche and if you're already getting traction from the "likers?" then it would be in their favour.
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