How to get Amazon Kindle book reviews in 2018?

by Ralfs 8 replies

I'm not too sure about the process of getting Amazon Kindle book reviews in 2018.

There's some info on this topic but it's mostly from year 2015-2017.

Also, the Warriorforum Book Club is old and has old discussions so it was not worth the 40$ for me.

So, can you please give some good strategies to get new reviews? At least, how to get 10 reviews for every book, as I have 3 books at the moment with 0 reviews.

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    There is absolutely no reason why the process of getting reviews in 2018 would be different from 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 or 2012. Or 2011, for that matter. You simply find people who would be interested in what you've written and ask them if they would be willing to review your book.

    Anyone who thinks this doesn't still work has a hole in their head!

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    Ok, yes. But what are some specific ways to get reviews?

    Can you share some ways how successful Amazon Kindle publishers are getting reviews nowadays?

    Because it seems to me that the Kindle bandwagon has disappeared.
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    I believe you should research on potential reviewers and connect with them. Ask and create a personalized email asking for them to review your book. And of course, promote your book to your social media sites.

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    The best way to get reviews is to get your book into the hands of readers. Do free promotionals of your book, advertise in genre specific lists, email groups, and web pages. There is no magic formula, and beware scans who "guarantee reviews." Just writing a compelling story is important. Quality cover art, and exposure to the public is what ultimately gets reviews. I have published 30 plus sci fi novels, and I focus on getting a good story out. Good luck to you.
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    You've done the hard part (the writing); getting reviews is the easy part.

    - KDP Select.
    - Friends and Family.
    - Book Review Sites.
    - Ask for Reviews in Your Books.
    - Free Book Handouts.
    - Build Audience.
    - Standard IM Traffic Procedures.

    The tactic in bold has helped me the most.



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    You should be part of this community


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  • Like evrywan says, you can pitch plenty people to say nice things aboutchya.

    Beyond that, simplest dealya got is makin' your bio & blurb sing the persuasive biz.

    Also ... invest in a cover don't look likeya produced it yourself on Photoshop.

    Ifya got sum decent reviews already, look carefully at what people are sayin' & loft summa those gold dust words & phrases into your bio.

    Also helps ifya book don't stink.

    Enda the day, it's your book content that fuels all reviews.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    Ralfs, another practice that works for me is networking.

    This is a huge contributing factor to sales conversions. I write textbooks, novels, and screenplays. In each niche and genre, you have well-known people in the industry (marketers, authors, filmmakers) whose thumbs-up, plastered on or near your book, can strongly sway the decision to buy.

    The practice is common in publishing. I'm reading an old Richard Laymon today, for instance, and on the front cover you have a quote from Stephen King: "If you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat." A single sentence from a well-known person in your niche or genre can grab immediate attention and help push that mental Buy Button.

    How you go about it depends on the size of the industry and the accessibility of the players. In one of my niches, IM/ MMO, I simply call on my friends; some of whom I've known for around two decades. In other niches or genres, the trick is not to go after the kill, to make immediate contact and ask for a review, but to somewhat befriend them.

    The way I've achieved the latter is pretty simple, really. I grow accounts on social networks. I keep these accounts around 90% non-promotional and I push the humour factor. When I have a decent number of friends, I seek out the players and my friend requests are often reciprocated.

    You won't get major players adding you as friends, but in the genres I write in the players are not running with Spielberg and King, and they're often working online to promote their own products, so I get a fairly decent follow-back ratio. The trick is to somewhat befriend them in public. You begin by engaging their profiles and pages. That puts you on their radar. Once you're on the radar, tagging them and having a laugh with them publicly sometimes results in them engaging the tagged media.

    It's a long process. But during one such engagement, you can just throw in a brief request: "Any chance I could have a quote for the book?" You'll be surprised. (I know I often am.) You'll often get them asking for a copy and throwing you a quote. And the hard work is more than worth it when you land a big name.



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