Landing page background image tips?

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Affiliate marketer here.

Im in a niche which has a big pain point.

My question is regarding which background image / images to use, and in what angle I should approach it. I know this can be tested but what are your experience in this?

Should I use:

1. Images that appeal to the pain(s) itself (basically adressing the pain)
2. Images that appeal to potential solutions or outcomes that they want to experience. (adressing pleasure)
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    I personally like using images of the end result, as that's what people looking for a solution want. I have a health site and despite there being plenty of clinical images of the problem or pain available, I only have photos of active people happy in the sunshine. Personally I have suffered the condition myself in the past, and it would be very demoralizing if I had to look at depressing images of how bad it can be when working on the site. So originally it was mainly for my own therapy! But I'm happy with conversions.

    Certainly mention the pain and problems in your sales copy and follow ups, but use positive images!
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      Okay, I guess that makes sense.

      I am offering a free ebook on my lander. Would this apply the same way?

      Should I have 'positive results' -like images, or pain appealing images on the ebook cover?
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        I would have positive images on the ebook cover too. I don't have ANY clinical pain images on my site.
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    I would split test it. Every niche is different and it would be ridiculous to try to guess what would work best. You never know until you test and get feedback.
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    Originally Posted by andregaz View Post

    2. Images that appeal to potential solutions or outcomes that they want to experience. (adressing pleasure)

    IMO, you want to paint the picture of a happy, satisfied, well person (the dream) . . . not the current problem or condition.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Split testing it is good.
    Putting pictures of the final outcome of a healthier person is much better.

    But putting both image is much better.
    If they scroll your page they will be able to see someone having knee pain (for example) at the top then at the bottom when they scroll they can see the person is already healthy after taking the product.
    With current builder you can already build a website like this.
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    I wouldn't underestimate highlighting the pain point with pictures. Definitely should test both and see for yourself which works better.
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  • For the background color, I would use a basic, 1-color background. Simply to increase your website load time. Just sell the product. Dont drive yourself nutz over things that may *slightly* boost conversion rates - but will also cause you to lose your sanity too.
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    Just test it out.

    It doesn't matter what you think, only what people that are giving their opinion by spending money, think.

    That's the reality in my opinion.
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    Agree, split testing is a must. Many times what we THINK is the best thing and what ACTUALLY converts are 2 different things. The final results can often time be totally surprising, so trying to guess is not the way to go.
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    Use as less images as possible, which MATCH with the content of the landing itself.
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    Background image that offers solution, gratification ETC.

    And sometimes I don't even have any background other than compelling wording that makes the visitor want to learn more.

    Successful Marketing comes down to a 'process'. Are you going through the full process? Have you even started?

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    hey dude, this is a good question, but for my opinion, i think you should you know use something that appeals people's attention to what you are intending to express. i think no matter what you decide to use as image, you should just at the end of it, test it before running the campaign for good.
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    A large background image will be the first impression your users have of your site, so choose it wisely.
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    Keep in mind that those on a mobile device may not see the background image.
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    My suggestion is try both..because anything can happen among them..And the next thing is make a good and attractive background image so that it attracts your site..

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    Choosing a background image is crucial to whether or not they will continue on the site, so choose carefully.
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