Any Senior Affiliate Marketers (top 9%) in the house?

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How are you?

Im kinda new to the affiliate marketing biz
Was a "fence sitter" for some time and now I feel I gain enough knowledge to hop in

I have a very depressing problem. I Chose a CB weight loss product (according to clickbank statistic, google trends, keyword research, check the vendro's affiliate page and all its links and history of his previous products) built a website with a great domain name, created my own promotion video, created A/B Landing Page + a magnet of ebook, set auto Responders and link tracking.
I generated a nice bing A/B ads (keywords, demographics, everything [to the best of my knowledge]).
The problem is -> people click on the ad but dont go through leaving their email in the landing page.
Out of 41 clicks i get zero people willing to go forward.
Now i really dont want to bitch about it, but it just seems very odd that out of 41 people not even 1 person wanted to proceed (even just to get a free ebook). I know i need more statistic but at this rate 100 clicks worth 25 USD, which is basically the price of the product.

Am I doint something wrong?
Im not expecting to just choose a product and make millions in two days, but I do want to analyze if there is something I can do better to improve.
Is my bid too low? is the ad placement holding the good clients from clicking, do i need to use a different magnet? Should i try a different platform? etc

Your senior affiliate marketing advice will help a lot, cause it seems i did everything by the book (if there were ever one). THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY READING ALL OF THIS!!
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    Successful marketing is all about solving challenges. This is where I would begin:

    1- Do you know for sure that your links all work correctly and that prospects who are trying to subscribe ... can subscribe?

    2- Where is your traffic coming from and how laser targeted is it?

    3- What about the lead magnet? Is it something of clear value to those who are coming to your squeeze page?

    4- What about your offer copy? Is it compelling and does it remove all the risk from the prospect?

    5- Is the sign-up process intuitive and is it clear what to do next?

    6- Is there just one option on the squeeze page - subscribe or leave?

    These are a few things I would check first.


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    Can we take a look at the copy?

    Sometimes a small tweak can have a big impact.
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    Are your ad copy, page title, headline, and ebook title all very closely related?

    Are you targeting "buyer" keywords? Are you targeting "Exact" or "Phrase" or "Broad?"

    There are a million and one variables that could make a difference.

    I know i need more statistic but at this rate 100 clicks worth 25 USD, which is basically the price of the product.
    I don't remember for sure but I'm pretty confident I've never run a profitable campaign on Bing that was in profit before I'd spent more than the income from a single sale.

    You may spend a lot more and not return a dime or by testing and tweaking, you may make the campaign profitable. Search engine PPC is an art and a science and a really interesting game all rolled up. It takes time and money to perfect your craft. Few ever do.

    That doesn't mean you should give up, just have realistic expectations. It's not something you pick up quickly.

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    Actually not so surprising, it would be rare to get this right on the first try...if you are split testing landing pages then 41 clicks really means 20 visits to each landing page which is not really enough to draw conclusions...I would wait until you had at least 80 visits to each landing page.

    Next, you need to make sure what you are committing to in the ad is exactly what is offered to the prospect on the landing page...I've seen many clients where they write a great ad, but then there is a disconnect between what problem or solution is targeted in the ad and what is offered on the landing page.

    Finally, on the landing page itself, make sure you have a clean, clear problem/solution promise, offer and clear path to action above the fold (without scrolling) with no other options (which will confuse your prospects)

    One last piece of advice - you can also try driving some Facebook Ad traffic where you can better target your audience as well and see how that converts.
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    • I think the same - 41 clicks are not enough to conclude whether you are doing something wrong or not.
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    You have to look at a variety of things:

    1) Your average cost per click
    2) Your competitors' cost per click
    3) The other affiliates who are promoting the same product that you are
    4) Your squeeze page
    5) Details of your ad
    6) Details of your keywords
    7) What your targeting settings are on Bing Ads'
    8) Are you doing Bing search engine only.... or Bing search onlines PLUS it's partners
    9) Are you doing content network?
    10) Are you doing all mobile, some, or desktop only?

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    As everyone has stated you need to test more.

    I don't know what you are promoting.

    I have personally promoted a lot of weight loss products and done well with it. However, I have always promoted dietary supplements that were sold on a free trial basis + S/H, rather than an offer that was a straight sale.

    The user would get a $50-$60+ product and just pay like $5-$9 for shipping and handling.

    Even though the user only pays S/H, the payouts would typically be $30-$40.

    After the trial ends, the user gets put on a continuity program and is auto-billed each month. The companies know their numbers. How many will typically cancel before the trial ends and those that don't, how many months they will stay in the continuity program before canceling.

    So they know what each trial user is worth to them long-term and is why you get such a high payout even though the user only paid S/H.

    I have always gotten my offer through CPA networks. You also get paid regardless if the user cancels during the free trial and you don't get debited for returns.

    This is why I always promoted free trials + S/H. Plus the fact that they typically should convert much better than if someone has to pay full price.

    You ideally want to promote what is hot...what is Dr. Oz talking about, etc...

    I also always saw higher conversions when a pre-sale page was used.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents on weight loss that you may want to consider in the future.

    * In full disclosure, I have not promoted much weight loss in a while, as there are easier ways to make money. But the above still holds true.
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    I would basically mirror your Bing ad with your squeeze page so when someone clicks on your ad they know exactly what to expect.

    This will increase your optin rate.

    I would test 80-100 clicks and if you are still getting low - no conversions make some squeeze page tweeks, try different keywords, and try it again until you find your sweet spot.

    This all takes practice.

    When it is paying off and you are making more than you are spending then you scale.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you all for the great comments!
    I have some work to do. Im promoting the Red Tea from clickbank. Maybe it wasnt such a great choice cause there are dozens of you tube "review" videos that offer 20$ discount right off the bat
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    The funnel falls down at every stage. This is NORMAL. You have to fix it and get your leads along to the next step, where it'll fail again.

    Watch the movie The Longest Day. You'll see a scene like this with the army. They have to get into a canyon and the leader sends in a guy. That soldier is shot dead. He sends in another. That guy gets a little farther, but is shot dead, too. Then...well, you get the picture. Saving Private Ryan is kind of like that, once they get on the beach (affiliate marketing is NOT as bad as Omaha Beach lol but the barrier to entry, where people give up and run, is kinda like that I guess ;-) )

    So in your funnel, leads are getting so far but no farther. They aren't opting in for the report. OK. You need to concentrate on that opt-in page and keep testing, one variable at a time so you learn something, until you get it right.

    Then the leads will proceed further down the funnel...and fall down at another point. And you'll have to fix that.

    You have identified the focal point for now. That's good. Work on that.
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