What are the best ways to track hits/sales from print ads?

by Anita Ashland 5 replies
A client of mine wants to run print ads in magazines for his physical product. He wants to track the results of each ad.

Do you just create a subdomain for each ad? Like, offer.cherrypepsi.com?

The domain name for this product is long so I'm wondering if a subdomain is a lot for people to have to type in or if it's best to purchase different (and shorter) domains for each ad?

Thanks for your help.

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    Anita, the best way, in my opinion, is to create a tracking URL. There is only
    so short you're going to be able to make it, but if he wants to track the ads
    in print media, or anywhere for that matter, that's really the only way, or as
    you said, create a subdomain.

    There are no shortcuts that I know of.
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      Rather than sub domain, it might be simpler for the prospect by using specific HTML page with tracking code (GA) inside a sub folder for each ads.

      So the URL looks like:

      and so on
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    Here is another take,

    If you are offering a specific product, you could use a promotional code to direct traffic to a specific webpage,

    just a thought
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    Sub Domains look ugly and are HARD to type in the browser.

    just get a domain that is super easy to remember.... the user will read it in a magazine, remeber it, then type it in (better conversion! )

    instead of sub domains just register seperate domains..... 1 domain per ad...

    buy the domain on godaddy, then forward it with a unique tracking url to your clients live site.

    tracking can be easy or complex....... it depends on how much detail you want.

    adminder.com is a great "bridge"... it will tell you how many clicks each magazine "ad" got... so you could set it up like this:


    adminder just redirects to the page you tell it to....

    this would track how many clicks each unique "magazine ad " got...

    if you need to track how many sales each magazine ad produces then you need to tell me more about the clients setup,

    i will talk to you later,

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    if its in a magazine, I'd use a promotional code

    I did this with my accountant so she could track the business from the website I built her.

    She offered 10% off if the customer came in with a specially printed page from her website. Or u could use a promotional word. (simple but effective)
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