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I've been strugling with one of my websites for about 7 month trying to make it rank well.
Today I discovered that almost 50% of my content has been stolen by other site during the last 4 months.
They just added small changes to my original content (changing the word here and there) and are ranking in top 10 with my content while my website is in the middle of nowhere.
I'm going to send a DMCA notice through Webmaster Tools

The issue is that you can only submit page by page there. And the form alows only 10 additional groups.
So from what I understand I can send only 10 URLs.
The thing is that 70 pages were stollen.

The question is, should I send 7 notices in such a case or it's ok If I'll just list all mine and corresponding stolen pages in one field?
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    Originally Posted by innerworld View Post

    The question is, should I send 7 notices in such a case or it's ok If I'll just list all mine and corresponding stolen pages in one field?


    Since none of us here can speak for Webmaster Tools, or the big G in general, why don't you ask those in authority? You don't need random personal opinions ... what are they worth?

    Sorry, not trying to be snarky, just saving you some time and possible bad advice.


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      Usually they are very slow to respond and sometimes just ignore questions. Anyways, it's still worth trying. I've created the same thread there as well.
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    If all the theft is from one website as you seem to suggest you do not need to click "Add a new group" at all.

    In both the entry box to prove you own the copyright and the box to expose the infringed content it states:

    Please enter one URL per line (Max 1000 lines)

    Follow those directions for the 70 posts that were stolen.

    Hint: To assist the human reviewer put YOUR url's in alphabetical order and number them. Then number the thief's url's so the numbers correspond with each other.
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      Thank you Janice. I also thought that way and probably will follow it.

      On Webmaster forum I was advised to submit 7 notices though (

      I don't think that submiting 7 notices makes the reviewer's job easier. And what to do in cases when the entire site (say 10000 pages) was sopied.
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    In most cases that I am aware of when the offender receives notification they remove ALL the stolen content whether each page/post is officially listed or not. They get the message. I wouldn't stress too much about a clerically perfect submission. Just submit it the best you can and it will most likely work.

    On a side note. Good for you. There are many here that have the opinion that is is not worth the trouble. I work hard to create my content and I will always do my best to protect it.
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    I totally agree with Janice. Regardless of the amount of work, everything takes time and effort and should be protected. I would certainly report anybody stealing my content.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    You can also contact their hosting company. Send them an official looking letter that they need to take down the stolen content or face legal action.

    As far as Google goes, they will probably look at the entire site, based upon your report. I know that HubPages has at least one Russian site copying all of their 10's of thousands of pages. It aggravates the writers to no end, but it goes to show that even a huge, somewhat powerful site runs into a situation in which their content is stolen and nothing can be done about it. It sucks, but there's only so much you can do.
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    May I also suggest that if you're having trouble with somebody copying your content and your English isn't strong, that you ask for some help from myself or any of the other content writers to ensure that what you send is well written. As this isn't something I had thought of before, I'm not sure if I would charge anything or not and I can't speak for other people. If I did charge, it's likely to only be a nominal fee, depending on the amount of work involved...but I suggest it would be worth it to make them stop because these companies often try bullying you if your English isn't strong.

    I would also be interested in other people's feedback on this. I'm not offering it to "simply make money." I believe warriors need to help each other.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Laurence makes some good points which reminded me... Did you try contacting the website owner first? Many, many times that is all it takes to get the content removed and you don't even need to go through the DMCA process.
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    and I forgot to suggest what Janice has...always check with the site owner first as it may be accidental. I had an incident with a book I'm editing for a client. One section was 45% plagiarised so I told her and asked what she wants me to do. She said she will rewrite it herself.

    I often have work where the idea has been taken from another site and I have to turn it into an article that's not plagiarised. I always use Copyscape as you never know if you accidentally copy other people's material.

    I wish you luck and hope the site owner isn't a bad one.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions=)
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    If a website owner stole your content and you call them out on it, some of the weaker ones will apologize and take the content down. Now if you say that it's "OKAY" to take your content and use it on whoever's site - as long as your website information/author byline is kept intact - with the link being clickable and everything, then that's a different story. Contact the website owner and see if they will take down your content (if you didn't give permission to ANYBODY). If he wants to play hardball, do the DMCA.
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