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This is a game based on respect and been organized

So here is the game.

1st Rule. If the previous person wrote point number 15... you start with number 16.... if you have 2 points to make then you make point 16 and 17.

Easy (just like at school)

2nd rule
Tell us in a PRECISE way what you dislike or like of the new Market Place layout

3rd be precise about the question itself.... posts that go from recommendation or suggestion to a rant will be deleted.

Let's the games being

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    Point 1: Differentiation.

    I see no clear indication of how The Underground marketplace differs from Warrior Special Offers. I'm sure a distinction exists; it simply isn't evident when I visit The Underground. In both marketplaces, we're promised "the top info products, courses, software and services." I've dug around The Underground, looking for a difference between WSO and TU, and drawn a blank. I currently sell in the WSO, and I'd be more than happy to begin using the TU, but (like consumers) I need to know the difference; that way, I can understand why I'm placing a product into the TU and not elsewhere. Perhaps I missed the TU announcement. Probable. However, I still think it needs to be immediately pointed out to anyone visiting the TU. Or are we talking about another marketplace? I stick to the WSO, so maybe I'm overlooking the inclusion of a new marketplace. If so, feel free to delete this post.



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    Thanks Tom...
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