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i've been toying around with the idea of becoming a freelance article writer but had a few questions about it. First off where is a good site i can do it, i did a google search but got a few that seemed kind of shady so i figured i would ask for your opinions here. next how much can i expect to make in a month? And last i have noticed that most places ask for a writing sample, i was just wondering what kind of writing this should be. If anyone has any experience as a freelance writer your help is much appreciated.
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    First you will need to offer a few free samples of your articles to people. Lots of Warriors will take a free sample and give you an honest testimonial - but your samples had better be good!

    You will also need to prove that you are reliable before people will hire you a second time, so make sure you can deliver when you say you will and don't take on any more work than you can handle.

    Once you have a few testimonials you will gain a bit more credibility and more people will ask you to write for them.

    As far as monthly income goes, that all depends on how much work you are offered and how much you are going to charge.

    Good Luck


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      Personally I like to see a few different examples in different styles of writing. This shows that you are versatile, and can adapt your style to fit the requirements.

      As far as earning potential goes, it really depends on what you are going to charge, and how many hours you envisage putting into your business, and of course how fast you get get it all "down on paper".

      I tend to use elance, and have found some great people on there. In my opinion the quality of people seem to be better than some of the others I have tried.

      Once you get your first couple of jobs out the way and some +ve feedback, you'll be on your way

      Hope this helps,

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