How best can I present Technology solutions offering to Third World continents like Africa

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Hey Guys,

I'm an African with a great passion to proffer technology solutions through technology publications to improve the traditional ways of doing things in Africa and other Third World continents.

This desire came out of the need to less burden while increasing efficiency and productivity in our various endeavors.
My company was launched few months ago and here's my website
I can't deny the fact that this task has been daunting trying to introduce the technology way of life especially to the non-techies.

Please I'd like your contributions on areas I can improve my services because that's really my focus now.

Debbie Inyama
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    You need to do local research about which tech products are already being offered there and which are not. You need to know who are your competitors and to what extend they can solve/cover specific tech needs for clients.

    You can try looking at local publications, like newspapers and magazines, to find out what's being offered. Also you may ask these local competitors for a quote on a specific tech service or product, that way you can find out how deep they're involved in the tech business and how much they are charging.

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  • Hi Debbie, I'm a South African. Here in South Africa, even 2 and 3 year olds know how to operate smart phones.

    It reminds me of a story of two shoe salesman who were sent to an island to sell shoes.

    The one came back home and said nobody wears shoes on the island, he can't make sales there. While the other salesman sold everyone a pair of shoes on the island.

    Everyone needs technology. Prove it to your prospects that the technology that you're offering is going to improve their current lifestyle.

    Give the prominent figures in the community a free trial run in exchange for an honest review so you can make a video of their reviews and post it on your website. Testimonials and raving reviews sells products and services.
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    Do they have the discretionary income to buy? Are your prices high enough for you to profit significantly?
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