Using lower keyword searches for less niche competition.

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Hi all ,

My message today is all about a concept I have regarding keyword searching to eliminate direct affiliate competition to the same website I am affiliated to which in this case is

I have been taught that because amazon have a renown reputation for the lowest prices their URL on an adwords ad attracts more potential buyers making most other competition sites that would appear on the same google search page not to much of an obstacle .

My problem is I want to promote high end ticket items for good commission on amazon ,however as you can gather so do other affiliates using amazon for the same keywords and products ,so after researching good keywords I would enter a google search on these keywords but always ended up on the google page with an adwords ad promoting to amazon by other affiliates for the same product.

This got me to thinking and its what i want your opinions on , I went on to do keyword searches on other related keywords using "keyword discovery" free tool ,and even though five out of six searches held only a few hundred searches per keyword for the previous month one was four thousand +, altogether they added up to nine thousand + searches.

When I googled all these keywords there wasn`t any affiliate competition any where on the google pages promoting my chosen niche product to amazon ,to me result .
All I want to know is,is my way of thinking correct or i`m I looking at this completely wrong .

If in your opinions i`m thinking down the right path then I can use this method for all research for each product income stream even if they the products are classed as too competitive to promote on adwords to me this research is a back door to a lot less competition and with a good adwords ad copy surely this would funnel a greater CTR better ad placement and higher conversion to sales.

Please if someone could let me know if I have the right mind set and path to follow as regards researching for adwords ad amazon product campaigns thanks all....Mitunwi. :confused:
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    Most of the time, if there are no competitors on Google Adwords for a particular keyword, it's a bad sign.

    Most likely, those same Amazon affiliates who are bidding on the other keywords already tried the ones you found and they weren't profitable so they discontinued advertising on those.

    On the other hand, it is possible to get lucky and find profitable keywords with little to no competition.

    The only way you'll really be able to tell is to test. Start running some ads on those keywords for a day or two, and see if you make sales. If so, then you can ramp that up, and test different ads to improve your response. Then by the time your competitors find out about the keywords you're using, you'll be ahead of the game.
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