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If I allow a 3rd party to access my FTP/Filezilla account to have a look at an issue for me, can/will they be able to see, and have full access to, my "local site" C:\ drive, like I can?
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    ftp gives access to remote servers where you have your domain hosted. (And then, only a strictly circumscribed area known as "your account."

    If someone can host a domain on their-regularly-hooked-up-to-a-normal-ISP computer -- I'd be curious to know, though! (That is, where the domain is registered to be hosted on their home computer.)

    (I had a script install client scare me last week asking me if I could install a script on his home computer. Freaked me out a little bit. Like: how would THAT work? Turns out, they didn't understand how things worked.)

    I have a zillion ftp credentials I've received from clients and I still can't see their home computers (darn it.)

    Live JoyFully!


    PS -- if you think I'm serious about wanting to see people's computers without their permission, please see my comments on my password thread. It's ILLEGAL. At least where I live, in the U.S. And yes, it is something I pay attention to. It's FAR TOO easy to track where an internet connection comes from.)
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