google ad blockers now in effect as of feb 15

by newxxx
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Pop-up Ads
Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound
Prestitial Ads with Countdown
Large Sticky Ads


Pop-up Ads
Prestitial Ads
Ad Density >30%
Flashing Animated Ads
Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound
Prestitial Ads with Countdown
Full-Screen Scrollover Ads
Large Sticky Ads
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    Originally Posted by newxxx View Post

    Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound
    Hmmm, I wonder to what extent Google will be able to enforce this...ALL auto-play videos regardless of format and where they're hosted etc??
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    I heard this recently.

    I think that is actually great. This will reshape the way people market online. It is freaking annoying to go to a website and have all of these ads autoplay without your consent. You are the one making these advertisers the money, the least they could do is be respectul! Come on advertisers!
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    Probably not too bad for us.

    I will stress the importance of text based adverts in your site. They take up less room AND convert better.

    Also if you've got a tonne of adverts on your site you're probably doing things all wrong and should be thinking about making your own products.
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    This is an interesting step. I'm curious to see what companies and people will do to adapt.
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    I just took a look by loading up a handle of pages with auto-play videos, and they all still auto-play just fine... I wonder if for now people will only have the option by logging into their browsers settings area, and manually setting this up?
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    can you please link us to the original news article?
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    This is a great development, actually.

    It will push publishers to SELL through CONTENT-based conditioning and persuasion.

    Google is doing the Internet a great favor by cracking down on those obnoxious ad types
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    Well, Google Ad blocks may be in place but I am confused what would really happen to the publishers who earn from advertisements. Also, if that would impact the various online advertising models or not? Since it is next to impossible to block all kinds of internet advertisements online without impacting the business.
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    Well, it provides you the perfect opportunity to go back the plain old text-based advertisements. Also, you can also give organic SEO a try. Since many of the online marketers are moving towards FB & Google Ad Words advertisements, it leaves plenty of room for the organic SEO experts.
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