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I have just started CPA Affiliate marketing. I have promoted so many offers regarding health and fitness.
Now I wanna promote offers under Finance category like personal loans, education loan.
In that case what are the best way to promote those offer??
Which promoting method works better for converting or generating leads??
Is it Social media or email marketing or anything else?
What are the best way to find targeted emails or visitors?

Thanks in advanced
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    I've found using ppv works very well in these niches for me.
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    Financial offers are a bad vertical for a newbie. Regulated, competitive, and you'll find many of the regular routes to traffic are closed off. Newbies are attracted by the high ticket offers.

    If you want my advice, consider another niche, matey. When you're new to IM, you want to make life as easy as possible for yourself. You need a simple route.

    Your first goal - to get that first affiliate commission. It isn't about getting your hands on money, either. That first payment is a signal. It means your business strategy works.

    When you have a working model? You can then begin to scale it up, and you'll be working in the knowledge that your time is being spent wisely.



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    Try different social media platforms and email marketing for a week or two to see what creates the best conversion rates and narrows into your demographic the most; facebook ads lets you choose your demographic (eg. Job role, Gender, Age etc.)

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