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by jkiley
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I have thousands of customers who have bought items from me thru my site or other channels. I am thinking of calling these people (and sending emails too).

What is the best way to do that? Should I just hire somebody who calls them or is there a a company who can do that for you.

Can anybody shed some light on it?

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    If you have their email, you should email them with the right message.

    If you have their phone number, you should also call them. What I would do is send an email first asking them if they would like a call - or something like that - so you will have a better conversion rate when you call.

    I would suggest you to look at Upwork if you want to hire people to call for you. Here is a helpful link;

    Hope this helps!
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    1. Research "reactivation campaign"

    2. Segment your list

    3. Have different funnels for different levels of prospect awareness.
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    This is a very good question. From my experience dealing with customers directly face to face, over the phone and on emails for last 22 years, I would like to share my 2 cents on this.

    If your goal is to reactivate these customers to whatever products or services you are going to offer then you will need to understand where these customers are in their journey today. This information will become your biggest asset.

    I do not know how big is your list. But you can start with calling upto 10% or between 100 to 200 customers yourself.

    Before you call them. Make a list of question you would like to ask these customers. Each and every one of these questions should be related to them and not a pitch for your product or services in anyway.

    This is to understand what message you want to send to these customers when you start all over again with this list.

    Now the reason I am asking you to call these customers yourself is because each of these customers is at a different point in their journey than when they joined your list or when they bought your product.

    Maybe they are still interested or they have moved on.

    So calling these people you will learn a few things like

    1. What is the activity level of these customers now with respect to your content?
    2. What are their objections about whatever topic you are going to discuss?
    3. What are their needs and desires?

    You may learn much more than what I have presented here.

    After you have called more than 100 to 200 people and you see a pattern emerging in your questioning vs their answers. You can then outsource this process to someone. Who will do the calling and collect the data for you. Please see that this someone has to be as effective as you in collecting the data about where they are.

    Because you would yourself have called 100 to 200 people first. You will be in a good position to validate the data. Within the next 100 to 200 calls from the person you hired to do this for you, you will know whether the person is giving you a quality data. Do you need to keep this person and continue calling? OR Replace with better person.

    This part is very important.

    Remember that both things are important. You understanding of the list is very important but I can understand you may not be able to call everyone on your list.

    So if you can just call a few 100 people you have a good handle on things.

    Hope this 2 cents help and you are able to get the best out of your list.
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    When was the last time you contacted them? If they only bought from you online, but you want to make the relationship for "tangible", then start slowly with direct mail. Send a free gift and "kinda" reactivate them.
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    there are numerous methods of doing that. you can outsource this to the most perfect candidate. just advertise it on facebook freelancing groups and you will get the best offers.
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    If you have their email address, then mail them with your new products, new offerings, discounts. I am pretty sure that they will response.
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    there are already agencies that does this kind of things. You can hire their services. They are trained and capable.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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      Can you give me few names?
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    Hey dude, do you have an email list that you built? or even just a contact list that you built? It should be helpful for you to activate them through those channel. I Think that for you the best way to make it is to send them emails exactly emails cause you know exactly what was interested for them.
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    I will use email communication.
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    You could opt to hire people who can contact them to save your time and effort. And you can find great workers at Onlinejobs. Make sure to personalize it though so that those customers will think that it is you who actually sent though emails and not some generic email they receive day to day. Make your customers feel special and that you remember them.
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