Has anyone experienced a boost in organic traffic after AMP?

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Reading this How Airbnb is putting AMP at the core of its digital strategy
I wonder if any website owner here has actually gotten any organic boost after implementing AMP. WF has had AMP on the thread pages now for a year but we really didnt see any marked organic lift for mobile.
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    The success of Airbnb clearly highlights the immense potential that's present in the sharing economy. What's astounding is that this billion dollar entity doesn't own any property, yet it remains the largest accommodation provider in the world. The birth of Airbnb is just as remarkable as its success. Back in 2008, three friends living in San Francisco, California were having troubles paying out their rents.

    Let's understand through this flowchart how Airbnb works:

    So, if you want to compete with such a big company then you need to understand what is AMP and how it works and how it will benefit your website(for particular niche).

    AMP is one of the famous and favourite solutions to speed up your website in mobile. It will also help in SEO of your website, It will increase visitor to your page, Support your ads and many more.

    To make it worth, you need to follow all the required techniques.

    You can also take the help from these references also:

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